Friday, July 09, 2004

Latest Pics ... july 4th weekend

Hi all,
click here(opens a new page) for the latest snaps from my digicam.

Brief list of captions:
- Marybeth, our cookie fairy!
- Ron's birthday celebrated in office.
- Zack and I in mirror opposite poses.
- Prof's little angel, Avanti.
- Visit to Ujj Nath's place (do these guys look like they graduated from ITBHU in 1979!).
- Enjoying around LA with Nitin and his friends from UWisc.
- Malibu temple (see the tilak on our foreheads in the snap with the car)
- 3rd Street Promenade.
- This waitress at a greek restaurant reminded us of Preity Zinta. She was so happy when we told her she resembled an Indian actress!!

That's it folks...

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