Thursday, May 20, 2004

Zion Trip picutres!!!!

Hi all,
The trip to Zion was fun!!!! here are the pics

main destinations :
-Las Vegas (lunch)
-Zion national park, utah (camp and mountains)
-Kolobe reservoir (the big waterbody in the mountains)
-Lake Havasu city (the one with the jetskis!!!)
-The great american freeways!!!! (loads of pics of this one..)

List 1 (taken by my camera)

List 2 (taken by samip's cam)


sorry for no captions... will be there soon....

semester has started.. and getting busy with courses!!!


Friday, May 14, 2004

Interesting articles about the Indian Elections and the voting machine!

Hi all,
read this post from a fellow blogger, which has an excellent article on the Indian Electronic voting maching and a comparision with the American one.
P.S. We have the car now... off we go.... to Zion!!

Zion Update.. Gaurav is out :-(

Hi all,

Sadly (happily?), Gaurav got an internship in a siicon valley netowrks company and will have loads of paperwork to do, so will not join us for the trip : - (.

We will miss you Gaurav!

Anyways, Hiten is final to go and tomorrow morning, Sumit (my officemate) is going to drive us to the National Car rental office at the LA airport.

For those of you who think I am crazy in posting my friends' names without givings background info, I am doing this purposefully - I want you to form a picture of them as you read through my exploits :D

Anyways, my grades for Spring 2004 are out and I did well :-)

Cya later people.....
P.S. for those of you who do not know, India, the world's largest democracy with more than a billion people had its national general elections some time ago and the results were out for the entire parliament within 6 hrs of the starting of counting!!! Kudos to electronic voting!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2004

We're going to Zion

No, we are not planning to dig deep underneath in an Osiris-esque ship to reach the human settlement of the future (or is this future already the present?.. are we actually in the MATRIX?.. well, that's a later post).

This is not the matrix.

This is the United States, and we are going for a road trip.

From May 15th to May 20th, Sam, Sameer, Gaurav and yours truly (is Hiten also Coming?) , a gang of desi (what Indians in the US call themselves) grad students, are going for a trip to the Zion National Park in Utah and Lake Havasu City in Arizona.

So, what does this mean for you, the reader?
This means a lot of photographs which I will have to share once we are over with the trip. We are really excited about this and have bought a tent and a propane stove also. Sameer can't stop thinking about the Buick he will get to drive :D.

Well then, back to work....

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Top reasons to join ITBHU after IIT JEE

Hi all,

update: [Jan 21, 2008]: Here is some data on the 2008 CSE ITBHU Placement

IMPORTANT: If you are not from ITBHU/ do not like this page, please don't post your comments. Also, if you want to submit a grievance (anonymously), I recommend using this form at the ITBHU Alumni site, and we will take it up with the relevant authorities.

regarding editing of comments: Please note that your comments can be edited before inclusion into the contents of the main site. We are trying to make this a pleasant experience. You are requested to give your name and batch while posting so that you can be contacted if a major change is being made to your comment. - A

DISCLAIMER: I was told that the institute's official website has linked to this page. Thanks a ton. However, I must say that the views expressed here are those of the individuals and are not necessarily the views of the Institute.

Now the main stuff....

This is a place where we all ITBHUites (official site) can post the reasons for joining ITBHU. This is intended to contribute to an article to be put on the web for future JEE qualifiers. So all ITBHUites, please post your suggestions as comments to this blog. Please try to make the comments constructive, not destructive (means no other-institute bashing).

If there are a good number of constructive comments, we may transfer this to our alumni site.

P.S. Thanks in advance to all who post comments. Also, please read what others have written so you add something new!

Comments over the past few days.. Please note that the contents have been modified.

Nitin Mohan said...

Top 10 reasons to join IT-BHU:

1. It can give you the best career to all india rank (AIR) ratio (valid for AIR > 500).
2. IT-BHU has a very strong network of a LARGE number of alumni, who greatly miss BHU life and are always more than happy to meet and help another ITian :-).
3. WONDERFUL job placement. ECE-04 batch got 85 job offers among 50 students (170% placement) with highest offer being Rs. 8.5 Lakhs/year.
4. Great culture of friends.
5. A great place for overall development. Nobody is considered "untouchable :-)" even guys with low grades or AIR. Everyone has a high self esteem.
6. A great culture of encouragement. Your classmates help you in your preparation for MBA entrance, or GRE/GMAT/GATE etc.
7. Great facilities and infrastructure for traditional engineering branches. Electronics engineering departments has one of the best fabrication and VLSI design facilities. Same can be said about other engineering departments.
8. You get the time of your life. Great memories that last forever. True friends that help you in all the ups and downs of your life. Even the most selfish people become cooperative human beings.
9. Get to enjoy the experience of Banaras. A spiritual experience that follows you for rest of your life.
10. Experience the joy of living in beautiful BHU, the largest residential university in Asia. A university that has almost all the faculties, schools, institutes, centres, and colleges under the sun. Visit BHU to experience it.
Nitin Mohan

Anonymous said...

Hazaar reasons can be given as to why one should join IT BHU. For me the sole reason is: -

At IT BHU along with the study of being an excellent technocrat, one can be an excellent human being.

The basic idea to be a part of BHU family for the life time is so high - i cant find any damn reason to ABUSE the greatness of the insitution.

I dont know about the other aspects, but belive me that passouts from BHU are nice PEOPLE and that is what matters the most in life.

So WHATEVER OTHERS SAY, be proud of being an ITian and never crib about the facilities you didnt get in teh campus, rather be proud about what you got from BHU!

Met - 98

Anonymous said...

Apart from else, the greatest thing which i belive one learns in IT-BHU is about the importance of social interaction. One does not find so much of interaction amoung the students of different branches and years in an institute so often..

That really sets us apart...

Abhishek Sancheti
Batch of 2005

Varun said...

I very firmly believe that being under a University system (and that too, a Univ like Great BHU!) has its own benefits. Various intra-Univ events make for a great interaction with the students of other faculties and generates an overwhelmingly enriching experience. Being in Banaras is another point which gives IT-BHU its distinct flavor, though this criterion is absolutely experience based and borders on intangibility, but for any Alumnus, this is one sure high...
Well done Pathak, for all this churning-around-a-burning-topic..!!

Varun Grover,

Siddharth Arora said...

IT-BHU gives you the most required thing called Atitude. All pass outs of this Institute are always ready to help anybody and that is why they reach the top. There are countless Aluminis of IT-BHU who have a name in thier field.
ALong with Technical Education, the different festivals train you for man managment and different faculies of BHU offers you different courses to make a complete individual you only need to buy Raymond and study in IT-BHU to be a Complete Individual.

Anonymous said...(edited by Animesh)

Thanks Animesh for putting up a good blog to capture the views of the students of ITBHU.. Life at ITBHU has been the best ... Even after 4 yrs I just cannot forget what I enjoyed at BHU .. The evenings at Vish mandir and Assi Ghat ... Life at BHU was much more peaceful, allows you to enjoy life to the fullest and offcourse gives you one of the best Launcing pad to land up in the corporate world.. believe me ..Even after 4 years after leaving IT ( I was in the Y2K batch Mining Dept)I still fnd myslef surrounded with IT BHU people. We have alumni in almost every part of the world..And Looking back makes me feel ..Days at BHU were the best days of my life...

Anonymous said... (modified by Animesh)

i believe one of the USP of this insti is its reputation that is taking its student places. it has taken a while to construct such a character in the institute. if we glance at the upcoming institutes elsewhere there is a huge inflow of cash via which they are trying to compensate for the reputation.

we see this year that INDIA TODAY survey has not included us in top 10 but again, we must now that these surveys can be rigged although they have huge judgemental effect.

i implore prospective students to have faith in our institute and wait for things to change.

Yours Passsionately,

Ketan Kulkarni said...

Hi All!
For a not-so-good rank ITBHU offers a very good branch and facilities comparable to the best. Besides ample scope for PDP, the senior-junior relationship here is very close and goes a long way in making academic progress.

My First Post

Hi all,
This is my first post on my online journal.
You will soon find more on this site. In the meantime, if you want to know more about me, go to my homepage.