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Top reasons to join ITBHU after IIT JEE

Hi all,

update: [Jan 21, 2008]: Here is some data on the 2008 CSE ITBHU Placement

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Now the main stuff....

This is a place where we all ITBHUites (official site) can post the reasons for joining ITBHU. This is intended to contribute to an article to be put on the web for future JEE qualifiers. So all ITBHUites, please post your suggestions as comments to this blog. Please try to make the comments constructive, not destructive (means no other-institute bashing).

If there are a good number of constructive comments, we may transfer this to our alumni site.

P.S. Thanks in advance to all who post comments. Also, please read what others have written so you add something new!

Comments over the past few days.. Please note that the contents have been modified.

Nitin Mohan said...

Top 10 reasons to join IT-BHU:

1. It can give you the best career to all india rank (AIR) ratio (valid for AIR > 500).
2. IT-BHU has a very strong network of a LARGE number of alumni, who greatly miss BHU life and are always more than happy to meet and help another ITian :-).
3. WONDERFUL job placement. ECE-04 batch got 85 job offers among 50 students (170% placement) with highest offer being Rs. 8.5 Lakhs/year.
4. Great culture of friends.
5. A great place for overall development. Nobody is considered "untouchable :-)" even guys with low grades or AIR. Everyone has a high self esteem.
6. A great culture of encouragement. Your classmates help you in your preparation for MBA entrance, or GRE/GMAT/GATE etc.
7. Great facilities and infrastructure for traditional engineering branches. Electronics engineering departments has one of the best fabrication and VLSI design facilities. Same can be said about other engineering departments.
8. You get the time of your life. Great memories that last forever. True friends that help you in all the ups and downs of your life. Even the most selfish people become cooperative human beings.
9. Get to enjoy the experience of Banaras. A spiritual experience that follows you for rest of your life.
10. Experience the joy of living in beautiful BHU, the largest residential university in Asia. A university that has almost all the faculties, schools, institutes, centres, and colleges under the sun. Visit BHU to experience it.
Nitin Mohan

Anonymous said...

Hazaar reasons can be given as to why one should join IT BHU. For me the sole reason is: -

At IT BHU along with the study of being an excellent technocrat, one can be an excellent human being.

The basic idea to be a part of BHU family for the life time is so high - i cant find any damn reason to ABUSE the greatness of the insitution.

I dont know about the other aspects, but belive me that passouts from BHU are nice PEOPLE and that is what matters the most in life.

So WHATEVER OTHERS SAY, be proud of being an ITian and never crib about the facilities you didnt get in teh campus, rather be proud about what you got from BHU!

Met - 98

Anonymous said...

Apart from else, the greatest thing which i belive one learns in IT-BHU is about the importance of social interaction. One does not find so much of interaction amoung the students of different branches and years in an institute so often..

That really sets us apart...

Abhishek Sancheti
Batch of 2005

Varun said...

I very firmly believe that being under a University system (and that too, a Univ like Great BHU!) has its own benefits. Various intra-Univ events make for a great interaction with the students of other faculties and generates an overwhelmingly enriching experience. Being in Banaras is another point which gives IT-BHU its distinct flavor, though this criterion is absolutely experience based and borders on intangibility, but for any Alumnus, this is one sure high...
Well done Pathak, for all this churning-around-a-burning-topic..!!

Varun Grover,

Siddharth Arora said...

IT-BHU gives you the most required thing called Atitude. All pass outs of this Institute are always ready to help anybody and that is why they reach the top. There are countless Aluminis of IT-BHU who have a name in thier field.
ALong with Technical Education, the different festivals train you for man managment and different faculies of BHU offers you different courses to make a complete individual you only need to buy Raymond and study in IT-BHU to be a Complete Individual.

Anonymous said...(edited by Animesh)

Thanks Animesh for putting up a good blog to capture the views of the students of ITBHU.. Life at ITBHU has been the best ... Even after 4 yrs I just cannot forget what I enjoyed at BHU .. The evenings at Vish mandir and Assi Ghat ... Life at BHU was much more peaceful, allows you to enjoy life to the fullest and offcourse gives you one of the best Launcing pad to land up in the corporate world.. believe me ..Even after 4 years after leaving IT ( I was in the Y2K batch Mining Dept)I still fnd myslef surrounded with IT BHU people. We have alumni in almost every part of the world..And Looking back makes me feel ..Days at BHU were the best days of my life...

Anonymous said... (modified by Animesh)

i believe one of the USP of this insti is its reputation that is taking its student places. it has taken a while to construct such a character in the institute. if we glance at the upcoming institutes elsewhere there is a huge inflow of cash via which they are trying to compensate for the reputation.

we see this year that INDIA TODAY survey has not included us in top 10 but again, we must now that these surveys can be rigged although they have huge judgemental effect.

i implore prospective students to have faith in our institute and wait for things to change.

Yours Passsionately,

Ketan Kulkarni said...

Hi All!
For a not-so-good rank ITBHU offers a very good branch and facilities comparable to the best. Besides ample scope for PDP, the senior-junior relationship here is very close and goes a long way in making academic progress.


  1. Hi all ITIANS..
    Gr8 to see such a gud response to the TOPIC. I wana just add up to the matter.

    The ITians are the real fighters of this Tech world,Come whatever may they are imbedded with such a fighting spirit that they wud never say Quit. This attitude is gone in there blood actually and they can never part with it.

    There is something in the Air of BHU coz nomatter what ur AIR is U'll get the Best career out from here.

    We never forget that we are the top 0.01% of the lot in India and we also hold up to that.

    And remember our best is yet to come. So if u r against an ITian never relax coz he could do miracles without caring if it is.

    IF U DONT believe it better CONTACT one ......

    BATCH 2006

  2. Anonymous4:06 PM

    Come to IT-BHU only if you can get over the hangup of NOT passing out from a "IIT". If you have enough confidence in yourself that you do not need that label and you will be able to prove your worth, then IT-BHU is for you.
    Personally for me, reasons one should join IT-BHU are
    1)Live and Learn with people from different parts from India.
    2)Live and Learn in city like Varanasi,which is one of the oldest cities in the world.
    3)Face real live India (along with its advantages and problems) in IT-BHU and learn the street smartness which is a inherent part of the learning process
    4) Get a great start in your industry of choice, with the excellent job prospects.
    5) Expand your skills by joining other classes/courses in BHU.
    6) Work with your professors/teachers to start socially active projects which can benefit the local populace.
    It goes on and on.....only YOU can limit yourself.

  3. Anonymous7:36 PM

    yeah the top reason being u can flunk if ur caught smoking or something so those habits dont catch up here!!!!!!!

  4. Anonymous8:16 PM

    If you believe in experiential learning,if education is more than just books to you,if you want the rest of your life to be based on an identity which the rest of the world shall realise much later ,IT-BHU is the place .
    Realise yourself and Benaras shall show you the way .

    Cera '00

  5. This goes to all people who have been dirtying this page with expletives etc.
    1. Please stand up to your view and at least type your name.
    2. If you are also from ITBHU, please know that this page is visited by visiters from outside, please do not harm the reputation of the insti.

    Thanks and best regards

  6. Let's see how IT-BHU is at par with the IITs. The quality of students in IT-BHU is ALMOST same as any IIT because most of the guys selected through JEE with AIR above 200-300 have almost same IQ level (JEE is so competitive that after AIR 300 there are 100-200 students on each mark i.e. a small mistake can change your rank by 1000). In terms of research output, IT-BHU was ranked third among all the top engineering institutions in India (including IISc and IITs). So you can imagine that faculty members at IT-BHU are also as good as any IIT. Now job placement in IT-BHU is outstanding. Almost all the students receive at least one job irrespective of their branch and grades. Labs at IT-BHU have all the modern facilties. For example, the ECE department has all the leading EDA tools donated by several companies. On the instructions of the Government of India, IIT Kanpur is also helping IT-BHU in developing state-of-the-art infrastructure for VLSI design.

    At present, IT-BHU lacks a little bit in computing facilities as compared to IITs. But things are changing and computing facilities are improving in IT-BHU. Alumni are coming forward with donations to improve the infrastructure in the institute. Now in terms of reputation abroad, IIT tag is certainly more reputed. However, that tag is carried by seven IITs as compared to brand IT-BHU of one institute. Regardless of that, students from IT-BHU go to almost all the top universities for higher studies (Stanford, MIT, Berkeley, CMU, Caltech, UMich, UCLA to name a few) and all the top business schools for MBA (Harvard, Columbia, Sloan, Kellogg, IIMs, etc).

    Most of the IITians (or ITians for that matter) end up working in some company in India or abroad. Later in your career, you progress based on your work and attitude not the reputation of your alma mator. In fact, most of the companies in India prefer IT-BHU graduates because of their better attitude towards work and team spirit (which is part of the education at BHU). All I am trying to say is, if you are sincere and hardworking, IT-BHU will not hamper your chances to reach the top position in your chosen area. Having said that, IT-BHU has a huge pool of very successful alumni with top positions in industry and academia. A partial list of Distinguished Alumni is posted at the IT-BHU alumni website.

    My last point is about the branch. Sometimes your branch in B.Tech. defines your future career prospects. If you choose IT-BHU over an IIT, the trade-off is a branch with more rewarding career over the IIT tag. Branch becomes more important if you want to stay in engineering profession and want to practice your technical expertise. Just to make a point, if you want to do MS/PhD in Computer Science and Engineering, it makes more sense to do B.Tech.(CSE) from IT-BHU rather than doing B.Tech.(Chemical) at an IIT.

  7. Anonymous7:03 PM

    An all round development that prevents from being just a geek. Gr8 place to study and gr8 city to explore! Deserves to be elevated to IIT status to enhance the educational quality further.

  8. Hi all,
    I had to remove two more comments today(same person) because they were irrelevent. For general discussion, please join the yahoogroups of departments/institute. For a listing of those, please go to http://www.itbhu.org/chapters
    If the author of the post wants to contact me with any complaints etc. please feel free to mail me at animesh.pathak At cse03.itbhu.org.

  9. Anonymous12:03 PM

    Hi ITian - why don't you mentionyour AIR also?

  10. My AIR was 815.

  11. Anonymous9:36 PM

    Hi Animesh,

    I had earlier posted a comment here as Anonymous about not saying against IIT. You have included my comment so thanks, but I can see that you have blocked many comments by anonymous ppl. May be they have written something against IT BHU. But u must welcome constructive critism.


  12. Anonymous7:24 AM

    Dear Friends,

    BHU is a great institution and its no wonder that its engineering wing would be a worldclass! No, Iam not talking any damn emotions.Given the financial constaints that IT BHU's research initiatives face, the outputs are world class!

    Guys, we donot need to hanker for the IIT status! IT-BHU itself is a big brand, and let's make this brand all the more powerfull and internationally accepted!An exchange programme of faculties and students with some top U.S. schools like MIT, Stanford may help the branding cause all the more.Let's keep the flags of the great institution by Mahamana as high as ever!

  13. Anonymous6:45 AM

    Hi, Its great to see the website. I passed out in 1994. Number of solid reasons can be given for joining IT-BHU. IT-BHU is a place where you develop personality and great attitude. Its the only place where you can develop lateral thinking coz of close interactions with guys from such diverse fields like Pharmaceutics to ceramics to metallurgy to core engineering field. This is the only place I feel u could dream of an idea and validate it with excellent facilities and technical support available out there (129 departments buddy!) inside the campus.Fantastic campus and unforgetable springs indeed made life that much sweeter. Though I was from Pharmaceutics I utilized the facilities also of material science, agricultural, ayurveda, Pathology, IMS, Ceramic Engg...Surprising...! Fantastic Facilities...all with the help and encouragement of seniors...and peers! Satyan 1994

  14. Anonymous5:20 AM

    Guys IT BHU is a great place to sudy in! Where as there are multiple IITs to carry one brand IT- BHU stands alone to promote its brand value! That's where its unique! But at the same time it should be kept in mind that there should be no complacency ihn terms of promoting it as a brand among the newer generation. IIT alumnies shell out huge money for their alma mater ( recently IIT Kgp. receives a huge grant of 40 crore). The IT- BHU alumni should plan for something like soft ware park within the campus and the news should regularly be a part of prestigious magazines! In the age of publicity we really cannot afford to avoid that! Hats off to IT-BHU and hats off to Mr.Animesh for his endeavour! Get going guys and achieve the best!

  15. A request to all. Please do NOT post negative comments here. If you have a grievance, please email to animesh.pathak at cse03.itbhu.org and I will foward to the relevent authorities. I assure you that your identity will be hidden if you want to.
    Once again, this is not a discussion forum, but a list of positive attributes.


    Hi It Bhu the only apt word to describe is GREAT. Pranams to Pandit Madan Mohan Malavya. What is so great about ITBHU?.I would strongly apart from world class education you learn much more on Life.This is a place where there is confluence of so many cultures and the five or four years of stay moulds you to a near perfect human being capable of handling any adverse situation with absolute ease. The memories are so sweet one has to stay and feel it at BHU.
    The world class central library, Foreign language departments, Music college and you name any thing under the sky you get it. I am not sure if you have a similar institute/college in any part of the earth.I have been seeing a lot of request and vociferous representation to name it as IIT. Even if it happens I would feel more proud to flash my BHU degree.
    Kudos to panditjee.
    lastly as a mark of respect to this great institute I have named my own company as BENCO THERMAL TECHNOLOGIES.


  18. Hi Animesh, I wonderif the language and tone of this message will be found offensive by ppl. In my view it's threatening. Do the needful
    Kapil Bansal Meta4-- 1985
    Anonymous said...
    Sorry "ITian" guys to post a comment here, I m an IITian. Its good to publicise ur institute but don't say any damn thing about IIT or IITians. Best of luck to all of u.

  19. Anonymous10:38 AM

    I find more and more confidence in the younger generation from BHU. Keep it up. And it is high time we start making BHU into a brand name?

  20. @MTech student who posted a comment about lack of facilities: Your concerns have been duly noted, and we are working on them. I had to delete that since this page is for showcasing positive comments. If you have grievances, please send me an email at animesh.pathak @ cse03.itbhuglobal.org, and I promise I will forward it to the authorities. If you want to be anonymous, use the contact form at www.itbhuglobal.org.

  21. Anonymous6:27 AM

    it has high qualified professor and they work hard &it has beautiful campus .it spread in wide area job placement is nice

  22. I am a student coming to BHU thru jee 2008. I got nit allahabad computer science and left it to join bhu 5 yr material science and tech. although my family opposed to it but I am proud of my decision BHU rocks. I just can't wait to come to BHU. I am sure I will love the institute so what if it becomes an iit or not.

  23. Anonymous3:23 PM

    I request Mr. animesh pathak to change the topic to "Top Reasons To Join IT BHU for undergraduate studies" so that people do not take it as a reference for other courses and degrees awarded by IT bhu and the true story of IT bhu is presented before everyone.

  24. i liked your page animesh ....

    makes all IT-BHU passouts proud.


  25. Rahul Avasthi, Mech 055:09 AM

    Just the other day two of my erstwile batchmates of Mech'05 batch were sitting at a CCD and trying to understand what could be wrong at IT BHU. The wrong part according to us, was more important to discuss since focus on that is what could take us forward...

    With 2 of us having studied at an IIM after IT-BHU, it was easier to compare. The biggest gap we felt was the attitude that we as students had at IT-BHU, the carefree life that makes us nostalgic to this day. Somewhere the three of us rued the lack of seriousness for our careers that was evident in out counterparts in not just IITs but other institutes like an NSIT, Delhi. In our very batch at IIM, we had over 15 freshers from NSIT, but only 6 from IT-BHU. The difference was not the lack of interest in an MBA(for those who have attended classes at a CL or a PT would be able to relate better) but the kind of effort we put into clearing it. We had the realization that IT-BHU was a stepping stone to success pretty late, treating it more as a 4 year vacation.

    I myself had been pretty active in extra currics at IT-BHU, but thanks to a priveledged background, found it easier to crack the CAT with effort equal to or lesser than those who were not so priveledged.

    It is no use to be one the best brains in the country and then take a break for 3 years. If only we had that seriousness which eluded most of us, lots of us would have better careers than what we are left standing with today. Even to this day, I am not sure how will a guest lecture by an alum would be recieved on career choices (all i have to go by with is my own experience with my batchmates)

    We had fun, loads of it!!!! but the question that haunts most of us is "What if??"

  26. Anonymous10:04 AM

    We wish to establish an advanced radiation oncology centre at IMS BHU (estimated cost of the project is Rs 120 crores). We are looking for good hospital architect to help us in designing the institute. I request BHU alumni to help us in our Endeavour.

    Dr Lalit M Aggarwal
    Dept of Radiotherapy
    IMS, BHU, Varanasi

  27. I have got 4501 in jee 2010.
    i am getting civil and chemical
    and also mathematics and computing (M.Sc.)
    my interest is maths. how is the placement performance in all the three.
    plz tell which companies/departments recruit students from this branch?
    plz. suggest which will be better for me.
    should i opt for new iits over itbhu.
    also i m hearing news that itbhu will be converted to iit varanasi this monsoon season.
    is this true???

  28. my emailid supershubham@gmail.com
    mobile no. :- 08004369383

  29. Dear Shubham,

    Congrats for clearing the JEE.

    Generally the trend is to go for IT branches, but I am not sure what the placement scene in Maths and Computing is. I recommend you post your question at the FAQ page on ITBHUGlobal

    Also, about IIT, yes, the conversion is expected to happen as soon as this monsoon session. More info at


  30. which is better dual degree or pure btech in same branch(at it bhu),keeping in mind the fact that i want to go for masters degree and also placements and future opportunities?

  31. hey guys...i gt jee air 2509..as IT BHU is about to gt iit status...im considrin CS and Electronics from IT BHU...i want to noe about placements in these two branch...

  32. @All who are posting comments: Please check the homepage of www.itbhuglobal.org for the latest FAQ. Or email me at animesh AT gmail.com.