Sunday, October 03, 2004

AIS Cake and Cream Social.. and ITBHU Lit events...

We had the Association of Indian Students (AIS) Cake and Cream Social today (Oct 2nd, 2004) at USC and had TONZ of fun(pics coming up soon).

We played In-Out, Dumb-C and Ad-Mad games .... made me reminisce about the fun we had during the lit club events in ITBHU ... sniff...

Felt really good to see those competitions... too bad I could not take part.. I was organising.. (NRG, SP, Nitai, Animesh(Hazra), Pranay, Grover, Rajini, Maggie, Keerty, other ITBHU alumni .... are you people listening... send me emails at about what you all are organising ).

Hope to be able to take part the next time, will ask someone else to do the organising.

I am very senti now.... will go and sleep...

I miss my days at the insti!!!



  1. Anonymous4:34 PM

    Hi Animesh,
    Had read your blog once earlier through a link from IT's alumni it again today when Animesh (Hazra) told me that my name figured on it :-)

    I am at IIMK nowadays and for more on me and what I am organizing, you can have a look at

  2. Anonymous9:42 AM

    Abe 4 saal mere ko Senti-King bola aur ab khud senti ho gaya...! Aur jahaan tak organise karne ki baat hai toh I am up against this 'dis-organised' sector where literary skills are of least importance and everybody is looking for 'Masala'!! Hope i cud organise some of their brains..hee hee..

    - Varun Grover

    P.S. - anonymous isliye kyunki ab login karne ka samay aur dhairya nahi hai..! And yes, it also gives that fleeting touch of 'suspense' so loved by bollywood..I am learning, u see..!

  3. Anonymous5:51 AM

    abe US mein mere ghar ke Ladoos kee yaad nahee aate kya jo mere room pe aake khata tha?
    Guess who? :)