Thursday, November 10, 2005

Picture Time

Okay all,
Here are two of my latest snaps.

Snap 1: My snap from the 100 year celebration of the Viterbi School of Engg. I was among the 10 odd students among a huge number of faculty and administrators. The stand-up comic was an engineer before, and he uses a powerpoint presentation :-).

Snap 2: This is from the 4 mile run during the marathon practice on Tuesday. Thanks to Zack for the snap. We run short runs thrice in the week and do a long run on Sundays. The aim is to finish the 26.2 mile run on March 19, 2006.

That's it for now folks.. back to work now!
Luv and Luck,


  1. Anonymous5:30 AM

    hey atul!!US has made u handsome...u look good in snaps..

  2. Thanks for the inspiration..

    going out for jogging now.

  3. Anonymous8:45 AM

    What was that ?

    Somebody calls you Atul And then 'somebody else' says 'thanks for the inspiration' ! and when I click on that somebody else's weblink somebody else's snaps come up !


  4. Anonymous3:20 PM

    Hey Munds!!
    You look handsome dude...
    Dolly Bhabhi.

  5. Anonymous5:24 AM

    looking very handsome son!