Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Yaar main India Chala!

Okay folks.. it is time for a small break.. I shall see how frequently I can blog from India, but internet access will be limited.

As promised, here is my itinerary:

Dec 15, 16 : Bombay
Dec 17, 18, 19 : Goa
Dec 20 : Air
Dec 21 - 26 : Mankapur [where my parents are, a place near Lucknow]
Dec 27 - 29 : Varanasi, where my alma mater is :-)
Dec 30 - Jan 1: Mankapur again
Jan 2 : Delhi
Jan 3 : taking off back to LA!

As I said, I would love to meet you folks when I am in India. If you are going to share the same city with me at the same time, please email me and we can meet.

Yeh thi khabrein aaj tak, intezaar kijiye kuch din baad tak!

Love and Luck,


  1. yours truly1:26 PM

    Happy Journey and Have a nice time :)

  2. didnt you go to India a few months ago? anyways...have fun...

  3. Have a great trip and have a fab time in fab India!
    Finally, (and hopefully) you will not be perpetually online on my Y! buddy list.

  4. ... and oh! by the way, still hate you!

  5. ya will surely like to c u in IT BHU....