Wednesday, May 03, 2006

What is "holy" in this war?

Yes, the LeT people have struck again.

From the article:
DODA: In a desperate bid to derail a fledgling peace process, terrorists struck with a numbing carnage two days before a round-table conference on the Kashmir issue was to start.

At the end of J&K's bloodiest massacre in three years, the toll stood at 32 dead, including a six-year-old, and about a dozen wounded.


They stormed into homes in Kulhand and herded terrified residents of two hamlets in Kulhand area into village headmen's homes, saying there was an important announcement. Then they mowed them down with a hail of bullets.

I wonder what it takes to brainwash youth to believe that killing innocent people is holy? Maybe if they were educated, they would read the holy books themselves and realize that this is not what the almighty asked them to do.



  1. bhai....many a times, they are kidnapped and are forced to become fighting machines otherwise they will be sometimes it happens due to fear for life....and other times....well these boys are generally teen-agers and unemployed youth.....and if they see that they can earn money and make a living, they do it....its sad, but that is the state of affairs....think of it...the Indian security forces are fighting the people they are trained to protect.....solution to this is education and employment and the peace process will also encourage local tourism and industries providing employment to people....and I think that is how we can fight this evil....because a hungry man can do anything to get some bread.....even kill people.

  2. Deepshikha7:03 PM

    If you brainwash a child right from when he is out of his womb, tell him that his god is the greatest and his only mission on earth is to finish off others who dare to disagree, ingrain in him that his act of jihad will transport him directly to heaven where he will have unlimited access to all his fantasies and seclude him from everything else that could open his mind to the sensible forces on the earth - he will grow up to be one of these men. A zombie without any control over his destiny.

  3. its too late to wake up and ask "what is holy in this war"...this itself creates doubt that till now may be it was holy..
    anyway, its morning as and when u wake up..:-)