Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Truth

XKCD is always witty, but sometimes it outdoes itself :).

Game Theory

bonus points for reference to WarGames.


  1. i so agree with you on this :D

  2. I disagree! The sure way to never win is not to play. The only action that carries a possibility of winning is taking a chance and playing! Unfortunately, it's only a possibility and not a certainty :)

  3. Play Tetris Mania sir. Not like these games which we can play for each levels or use game theory. Unlike most games, there’s no ultimate ‘win’ or ‘completion’ in Tetris. In 1988, a science masters student wrote a thesis concluding that the random nature of the shapes which appears mean it is impossible to develop an infinite winning strategy and that it is inevitable that players will lose eventually.

  4. @khanna: :-)

    @asl: Maybe there is no winning and no losing in this game. I'd rather go for the no losing :-).
    Also, where is your outrage on my comparison of love with global thermonuclear warfare :-) ?

    Also, hover over the cartoon image in my post for the next step :)

    @Y: Interesting point about tetris. Please post a link to the thesis.


    At your service sir... Don't Bing, just a google search away.

  6. These days, your blog reminds me of just one saying ...'A Picture is worth a thousand words'...A video, maybe more :)

    Good stuff anyways :)