Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Berthillon ice cream. Yum :-)

Picture taken right before I ate this double scoop (cocktail exotique and cassis) in a special dual-cone :-). The store website is here, and it is supposed to have the best ice-cream in Paris :-).

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  1. Anonymous12:17 AM

    may be you should add links to 'like' a picture like on Facebook. Its so much better when one really doesn't have much to write in a comment, but really like the concept / idea / picture / (you get the drift)...


  2. @pd: Thanks for the kind words, and the idea. I am trying to enable reactions, but I think my custom template makes it difficult.

    For now, just saying "me likey" as an anonymous poster will do :).

  3. It looks like a guy in hat kissing a girl in hat, facing away from us. :)

    Yummy always!

  4. @Varun: It tastes even better than that ;-). Come and get some :).

  5. try the cafe next time ;)

  6. @Tania: Which cafe?