Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Eye Update

In case you don't know about this yet, read the first and second posts on this issue.

Latest Developments
This past Tuesday, I went to see the eye surgeon, who did a full eye-scan, including visual acuity test and the whole shine-light-into-eye-after-dilating-pupil torture :-).

The Good News
She said that she will not be doing the surgery. No forceps will find their way into my right eyeball.

The Bad News
She said the above because she believe that surgery will NOT help my case at all! As far as she is concerned, I should go home, do nothing, and be watchful in case I have a relapse of toxoplasmosis and things get _worse_. Given she only spoke French and my knowledge of the language is not top grade, I was not able to ask her super detailed question. But the short version of the story is: "The scar from the toxoplasmosis in your eye is right on top of your fovea centralis (center of retina), and we cannot remove it by operation." (To be fair, she _did_ do her best to explain to me, and to keep me calm, despite the language barrier.)

Next Steps
Of course, I am not taking this lying down. I will be meeting my ophthalmologist soon, who had initially recommended surgery to me, to ask why there is a disagreement between him and the surgeon. I will also get an appointment at the eye hospital in Paris where PGR's dad was operated. And finally, I will get digital copies of all my scans on a USB key, to send them over to friends.

What _you_ can do
If you know someone who can have a look at my case and give a second/third/nth opinion, let me know. I will be happy to send over my scans.

The "Healing Prayer" Angle
Some of you have asked me if I have tried the healing-by-prayer approach. Given I am an agnostic, I don't think that will work for me, especially if it involved _me_ believing in an almighty God. I do, however, believe in _you_, and your love/care for me, and therefore won't stop you if you want to ask your favorite super-being for help :-). As far as I am concerned, I will focus on eating right, exercise, and meditation - the stuff I _know_ keeps the body strong and helps it heal.

That's it for now. See you later! ;-) [I think this particular smiley properly represents my current right-eye-blurry vision status]


  1. Anonymous7:15 PM

    Yes, following a healthy lifestyle will most definitely help. Do however consult your ophtho and get other medical opinions. Get well soon, A.


    PS: You, an agnostic - since when ?

  2. @M: What did you think I was?
    [and thanks for the wishes :) ]

  3. Beta....bahut saara dhyaan rakho, phal-fruit khaao! Bakai hum bhi agnostic hain isliye healing-by-prayer jaisa kuchh na kar sakenge....par dhoondhte hain koi second-third opinion ka link mile toh.

    Have faith! (in your eye) :)

  4. I did googled this toxoplasmosis disease.

    Some claims that in an healthy person treatment usually is not needed and, If symptoms occur, they typically go away within a few weeks to months. So, that could be one of the reason your surgeon will not be doing surgery.

    Do you have weak immune system? As mostly baby and pregnant women show its symptoms except people with weakened immune system.

  5. @Varun: dhanyavaad.

    @Devender: The treatment of toxoplasmosis was done already. It is not needed if it is in the muscle, but if it migrates to the eye, treatment is important. Sadly, the scar left by the dead bug is what is causing the current problem.

    Let's see.

  6. 1) i heard this phrase phal-fruit after a looong time! Got me back few years into memories !!

    2) will forward the link to few pade-likhe friends of mine

    3) ye firangi ailments itne irritating kyu hote hain? Indian bimariyan are much more simpler and eazy to understand..

  7. @Khanna: Thanks. will let you know once I get the scan images.

  8. Get well soon, A.

  9. Anonymous8:00 AM

    Hey Animesh....

    I'll send out my biggest prayers and good energy on behalf of your eye!!!


  10. Anonymous11:28 AM

    dosttt!!!read abt ur eye bro in law suffers froms ame problem...he was in US then and the doc said it cant b cured permanently...however a doc in Bangalores Narayan nethralaya HOD gave him a solution that has to be put in eye every few corects the problem for few days then u put it again.... Jaya