Sunday, November 01, 2009

When Gabbar met Draupadi

4 years ago, in the fall of 2005, a band of theatre-lovers at USC got together and created "dibs", a skit about three desi students at USC who wake up after an open-bar party, and find a girl sleeping on their couch. Not being able to remember who got her home, each of them tried to tell the story of last night, and how she was charmed by him.

It had three song-and-dance sequences, loads of jokes, and a surprise ending (I wonder if a video was made).

The audience at the AIS Diwali show loved it, and we loved the high - and Vidushak was born - USC's own Indian comedy theatre troupe. Given that producing skits needed more long-term preps for one script, and "the hero's mom has a midterm" was not a valid excuse on performance day, we soon diversified into year-round improv comedy, while still doing one skit a year at the Diwali show.

I left USC in June last year, but have been extremely happy to see that the team has only improved - with more talent coming in, and leading the troupe to bigger successes.

The 5th and latest installment in that series is the skit "Piya Basanti", which does what B.R.Chopra and Ramesh Sippy could not - bring Gabbar and Draupadi together!

watch on!

You can watch all the recent videos (including improv) at the official Vidushak Blog.

Oh, how I wish I was able to be a part of it all again. Good times!


  1. Here's to Vidushak !!!

  2. Good one... We also had a comic play "Chambal mein Mangal" on Diwali this year. Interesting to see that Sholay is still universally popular! :))

  3. You could go back for a guest shot.

  4. "each of them tried to tell the story of last night, and how she was charmed by him." Just remind of the movie Chasme Badoor...
    Gabbar and Draupadi together great job done..

  5. Adarsh: Keep it up!

    LoonyTalk: Nice. I should take out time to see the skit.

    Starman: Indeed, if only flights from Paris to LA were a bit cheaper :)

    Yayavar: Indeed, like Chashm-e-baddoor. However, we showed the exact same scene thrice, in contrast to rakesh bedi and vivek baswani's different stories. We like to think we copied from the Coupling episode 'remember this?'