Sunday, February 14, 2010

Love. What is it Good for?

Happy buy-someone-gifts-or-feel-miserable day folks!

This Valentine's day, instead of my usual round up of the right-wing paranoia du jour [see this one from 2009, for example], I give you all something light, and ask a question.

First, the very apt song, from the movie Trishool

For those who do not understand Hindi, the song is a debate between two points of view, that Love is useless, and that Love is a wonderful, useful thing.

So, which side are you on? [Amitabh, or Shashi Kapoor?]

[I, personally, am currently on George Clooney's side from "Up In the Air" :). Saw it yesterday, must watch.]


  1. no software has zero bugs.. so does loveware.. but we ll keep on fixing bugs :)

  2. great song.. I am on Amitabh side till I am bachelor ; When, i will fall in love then switch to Shashi Kapoor side . Up In the air is good movie but I don't want to face with person like Clooney in real life.