Thursday, March 04, 2010

Birthday and Other Updates

So yesterday, March 3, 2010, I turned 29. [yes, n was = 28, and now n = 29].

The birthday was fun, including a ton of wishes, online (on Facebook, Orkut, Twitter, Buzz, etc), on the phone, and in person. I got a gift from E, which was pretty and useful [reminded me of the cute-and-useless bunny from the Vidushaks in 2008 :)], and Leesa is going to bake a cake this Saturday :).

After work, a bunch of us work buddies went for drinks in Paris, with @jasminf and @lafauxvaisienne joining us. This was followed by some yummy take-home lebanese food and desserts. Good times overall :).

Previously, on March 1st, we celebrated Holi at work. Here are some pics [embedded below for your convenience]:

And tomorrow morning, I am going for my 3rd and final eye injection [those who do not know why I am getting these injections, please click here]. Will tweet about it as it happens.

That's it for now. Back to paper writing!


  1. Anonymous6:52 PM

    Happy Birthday A. I hope this final injection resolves the eye problem. And what is this I read about "drinks" or are you talking about juices and cold drinks :)


  2. Thanks DG! I had my pint of lemonade, of course :).