Friday, June 03, 2011

Dhinka Chika, the Evolution

I'm sure a lot of you have seen/heard the dhinka chika song from "Ready" by now. I too like the peppy beats, and especially the innovative lyrics -

ek tujhse chatting karne ki khatir main.. internet lagwaaonga rey!* --- waah waah! :)

[*'just for chatting with you, I will get internet']

Here is the promo video, in all its over-saturated color glory :).

And then Varun told me that there is an "original Telugu version", which he likes more; this set me searching.

Here's the original, Ringa Ringa, in its original Telugu, the native language of the peppiest dance numbers coming out of India ;-). I do not speak the language, but am pretty sure that the lyrics are also pretty innovative, since I hear a lot of English terms, especially the "landline" mention at the end :)

And as a bonus, here is the missing link of this transformation from Hyderabad to Mumbai -- Telugu song but dubbed in Hindi :).

Quite a transformation, no? The question now it, which of these will be first used as background music in a Hollywood movie? :)


  1. Thanks Leesa. Did you see the international dancers at roughtly the 4 minute mark in the 2nd video? :)