Saturday, November 06, 2004

I was hungry for a day - so that someone doesn't have to

Hi all,
I participated in the USC Muslim Student Union's fast-a-thon on Thursday November 4, 2004.
The proceeds went to help organizations that help put food on the plate of people who cannot afford them.

It was nice to be in a mosque... it was my first visit. Also the fasting was a nice thing to do... cleansing one's body... also feeling the pain of hunger.. so that we can appreciate other's pains.

It was also nice to hear the speaker talk about the significance of fasting across religions. I also told some christians about the various types of fasts we have in hinduism.

Last but not the least, the food was AWESOME!!! the sweet called "baklawa" was just too good!

Diwali Culture show on sunday at 7pm... wish us luck!!!


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  1. Anonymous6:36 AM


    Appriciate your concern towards the community.

    see the link below...

    u will understand indra gandhi...

    Rest is understood...