Friday, February 25, 2005

Dal-roti, dal-roti 'n' some Maggie for soldiers

The times of India is reporting about the lack of proper food for the Indian soldiers who are helping out in the avalanche hit Jammu and Kashmir state of India.

Kudos to all of you, dear soldiers! We are proud of you!

P.S. I was told that apparently some millitants were also saved from snow during the rescue mission of the army. That did not affect the terrorists' hearts, who lauinched another attack yesterday.


  1. Anonymous10:05 AM

    what happened to your ideas blog. No new Ideas? Thats all ?????
    waiting for some ideas from your end. Hope u did not forget about it :)

  2. Anonymous11:15 PM

    bhu ka mochu zinda hai ki mar gaya.

  3. Zinda hai, and still makes good maggie :-).