Friday, March 18, 2005

US denies visa to Modi - excellent!

The Times of India is reporting on howUSA has denied a visa to Narendra Modi, who is considered by many (including yours truly) to be responsible for the mass killings of muslims in Gujarat in 2002. I feel so happy.

I am also sad that people like this give India a bad name - I was once asked by a bangladeshi man during a flight as to why the Vajpeyee govt. allowed the massacre to happen and I could do nothing but hang my head in shame.

Here's a toast to the day (in near future?) when all will live in harmony!



  1. Not such a happy news I guess, just goes on to show how partial the rules could be. As Modi himself puts, 'If Mush can go why not me'.

    Forget Mush, the greatest friends of US the Saudi arab sheikhs, why are they allowed entry ? When in UAE, right at the airport your bags/wallets are checked to see if you have an indian god/goddesses idol/photo, if found it is torn/thrown in front of you (my colleagues real life experience). And these Sheikhs are special invitees of the highest US authorities.

    Another very valid point Modi makes: "Can the Indian government stop an American government official from visiting, on the basis of what has happened in Iraq?"

  2. Point taken. But what I am happy about is that (hopefully) the Indian people will realize how much the Gujarat incident hurt their image abroad. I am also sad about these random rules, but for once I feel that this arbit application of rule has been done to the right person.

  3. Would like to narrate a story on "Learning by Direct Experience" here.
    A master had a student who had never seen a cow nor tasted milk. But he knew that milk was nutritious. So he wanted to find a cow, milk it, and drink the milk.He went to his master and asked him, "Do you know anything about cows?"
    The master answered, "Of course." The student requested, "Please describe a cow to me." So the master descibe a cow:" A cow has 4 legs.It is a tame, docile animal, not found in the forest but in villages.Its milk is white and is very good for your health." He dscribed the type of tail and ears it has, everything.
    After this desciption the student went in search of a cow.On the way he came across a statue of a cow.He loked and thought, "This is surely what my master descibed to me." By chance that day some people who lived nearby were whitewashing their house and there was a bucket of whitewash near the statue.The student saw it and concluded, " This must be that milk which they say is so good for you to drink."He gulped down some of the whitewash, became terribly ill, and had to be taken to a hospital
    After he recovered he went back to his master and angrily charged, " You are no teacher!" His master asked, "Whats the matter?" The student replied, "Your description of a cow was not at all accurate"

    "What happened?" He explained, and the master asked, "Did you milk the cow yourself?" "No." "That is why you suffered."

    The cause of suffering among intellectuals today is not because they dont really know. They know a little. But what they know is not their own knowledge, and that is why they suffer. A little or partial knowledge is always dangerous, like partial truths. A partial truth is no truth at all. So is the case with partial knowledge. The wise directky percieve truth

    Animesh, If an intellectual like you, will write like this, then definitely the Gujrat incident will bring more bad than it actually should have done. It would give more credo to the fact that it was Modi who was the ONLY & REAL culprit.
    Dont you think, we have been programmed by the so called NGOs, Foriegn/Non-Hindu fanatics/Media/politicians with vested interests,to exaggerate Modi's wrong doing in Gujrat,if at all there is any. Simply to hide their wrong doings. It is so ironic that you feel so shameful, and this very fact fulfills the designs of the people who presented this partial truth as the ultimate truth.

    Sidharth has rightly pointed out some valid points put up by Pro Modi front, which makes Visa denial by US authorities, more undefendable for US & anti Modi camp. Indian parliament stand on this issue should be welcomed.As they have shown solidarity admist fierce political rivalry.

    Hope my view point would get an unbiased hearing. Also this also should not be concluded that Modi be given a clean chit :-)

  4. My 2 cents.... It is true that there have been human rights violations in Gujarat and the massacre of Muslims in that state during the Modi - Vajpayee regime was despicable -- a throwback to barbaric times....

    However the matter is a purely internal one.... India is a vibrant democracy and the people there are smart enough to choose their leaders......

    The United States has no business playing big brother and deciding who is right or wrong -- this is uncalled for interference in India's affairs...

    Hypothetically India can pay back the US with the same coin...

    Bush is definitely guilty of Human rights violations in Iraq, Guantanamo bay and Afghanistan..... So how would Uncle Sam take it if some country refuses to issue a visa to the president because of his policies....?

    so all said and done ... there have been horrible scenes in Gujarat ,... however this is an internal matter in India and India can handle this on its own ... it does not need some one else playing the judge ....

    There is a Kabir Doha which says that one should look @ the log in one s own eye before criticizing the speck of dust in another’s eye....

    Maybe the US and its prez must learn that..........

    finally I have been browsing through some forums where quite some Indians feel that it is justified and it is a good thing that US is passing such a judgment -- all I can say is that this was the kind of mentality of seeking outside help to resolve internal disputes which got India in trouble in the first place ... off course the US has its right to give/deny visas like any other country, but the reason they used to deny Mr. Modi’s visa is pretty sad…..

    I do not like Modi or his policies, but the policies followed by the US are downright despicable.

    Peace -
    Vasanth Krishna Namasivayam