Monday, March 14, 2005

When Veer Met Zaara

Outlook India is carrying this nice article on Indo - Pak Friendship. Was heartwarming to read. Goes on to prove that all this trouble/enimty is not quite a reflection of the general public's views, just that of a few politicians.

In other news, Nishant sent me a pointer to the news of a muslim woman getting a shiva temple made in Varanasi - I am surely going to visit that in my next visit.

Also, Animesh (not me, the other one) sent me a link to the news of Shakti Kapoor's involvement in a casting couch scandal ! The shocking part was not the accusation but the fact that he agreed to the act, but alleged that this was a plot - seems that this kind of conduct is so normal in bollywood that film personalities do not bat and eyelid when an aspiring actress offers "everything" to them - man, dhan.. and tan!

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