Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Bollywood's best comedy movies showcase

The Times of India has this article about the best bollywood comedy movies of all times. A nice read I must say.

So, how many have you watched? And which ones did you like/dislike.
Anything missing?

P.S. The bay area trip was amazing... I drove 1000+ miles in 36 hours on my dear Jean-Luc-Accord! I simply love my car!


  1. haven't seen only 5 of those....pretty good haanh....might also be interpreted as....me love watching movies....I think they make a great pass time...and good movies are entertaining and they rejuvinate me and give me a refreshing dose of energy.....especially good comedies.

  2. pretty awesome collection there
    not seen many -- but enjoyed the 10 odd movies I did see