Saturday, May 21, 2005

More Sequoia Snaps

Wow.. there are 300+ snaps in all... I have no idea where I am going to host them all.

Here are some of them. Hope you all will like them. Please leave your comments.

The Gang!

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Around the car!

In the car [notice how I am the only one who is not looking in the camera, since I am driving!!!]

Pure Nature Pics: Wallpaper Worthy!

Do you see the face in the rocks?? Spooky.. isn't it?


This is NOT a painting... one of my favorites.

Other Interesting Snaps:

Camp Food :-). You can take a desi out of India, but you cannot take India out of desis :-).

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Making sure the bears don't get our stuff!

The strawberries were soooooooooooooooo delicious... and the kids were also cute :-).

Some People Snaps:

Gaurav, Ashutosh, and the Jedi Knight! :-)

Another one that I like.

And Another. I pulled out this plastic bottle from the waterfall. Doing my bit for conservation. :-)

Look at the waterfall!! [Me, Chinmaya and Vaishnav]

Working at the farm... these american instruments are HUGE!

More snaps on their way... keep watching!!! [and please post some comments!]



  1. Animesh that was a nice compilation.
    I am also looking forward for 'Sherman Tree' and 'Moro Rock' pixs.

    Beautiful nature.. Nice time


  2. thanks for the tip
    joining tht :)

  3. Great pics and even better that u DIDN'T say, 'Strawberries were so cute and kids were also delicious..!!' :D :D :D

    - Varun

  4. Hi BHaiyya ji !

    Its realy a pleasure to c you(ok in snaps even!).. after such a long time ! The biggest Idol(as per my past 3 yrs in Insti)..YOur blog was bound to be Different n Excitin as your innate nature!
    It is kapil malik (IT,2006 batch)..