Sunday, June 19, 2005

Blogging, Plane Crashes and Credit Card thefts!

Hi dear readers,
Arpit sent me these links which he thought were worth sharing with you all on this blog.

1. Steve Job's speech at Stanford. A very good one. A tru rags to riches story... I esp like the bit about death.

2. Bloggers in India to be treated as Journos!. Cool... so when do I get my press badge?

3. 50 tools to help writers!. Very nice for bloggers and non-bloggers alike! I am going to use them in me research papers :-).

Thanks Arpit... these were nice.
And you all... feel free to send me links that you want me to post and although I may or may not post them [you can be assured that I will certainly "read" them :-) ].

However, the most important news for me was the following:

Plane crashes in southern califoria freeway []


40 million credit card details stolen! []

I guess they are important since they are much closer home... anyways.

In other news, I saw Star Wars episode III last night... nice movie... [Natalie Portman is sooooo pretty in it.. and Master Yoda is so knowledgable]. They have done a nice job of filling in all the gaps so that episode IV is now properly placed.

Happy father's day to all you father-figures out there! [Sunday June 18].


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  1. rakesh2:56 PM

    i read this article few days back and also some reviews abt it.....
    you know by reading such things people get the impression that
    dropping out of college is the 1st major step to making something big,
    but people dont see that millions of people drop out of college, many
    of them drop out for the same reason that Steve dropped out for, i.e.
    they liked to do something else, but how many of them became bill
    gates and steve jobs ? just single digit numbers. so, i hardly get
    inspired when people try to emphasize that their 1st step to success
    was dropping out of school :-) yes but I do agree that we have one
    life and we should do what makes us happy and most of us do the same,
    atleast I do ;-)...... well the gist of all such lectures is that once
    people become celebrities even their shit becomes a visitor's delight
    in some museum.
    Tomorrow if you or me get 10 times richer than Steve Jobs and goto
    Stanford and say our higher education made us what we are, than u will
    see half of the world will get themselves admitted in some university,
    the reason is simple all of them are goats moving in herds :-) so dear
    we all have one brain and 24 hours in a day and steve jobs has no more
    of these things, so use ur brain and time and u will see u too can do
    wonders and the world will look at u with awe and respect.