Wednesday, June 29, 2005

What on earth is this???

Google goes guns again!
Rishi send me a link to Google Earth, the next big thing from them. Check it out!

Slashdot also has an article on this, with some intersting links and comments, as usual.

And yes, I have not forgotten about the extended review of Parineeta, just getting over the tiring visit to Vegas... will post soon.

take care, all you wonderful people!


  1. well done bhai...interesting as bhi lagta hai aapke tarah pagla gaya hai(just kidding). well done for google...lagta hai microsoft ke baad hum log ko google ka case study padhna padega web service solution provider section mein...hope you had fun in vegas...aur haan waiting for ur xtended tippani on parineeta.

  2. Sachin7:19 AM

    Tried google Earth few days back.
    Great thing specially for areas in US/UK/Canada.
    The thing that impressed me most was that i simply typed in "Mankapur, India" and was able to fly to the right place !!
    but they still need to work upon spellings. Lucknow has been spelt in a very phonetic way as 'Lakhnau'...

    ~ Sachin Shukla