Tuesday, August 02, 2005

National Awards for Indian Movies

Very late reporting [news of July], but I just came across an article about the national awards this year. I wonder how many of you were knowing about the results.

Bunch of nice movies... I wonder why "Black" did not get anything.

So what do you think.. which movies will win next year?


  1. Anonymous9:11 AM

    Black was released after 31st december 2004 and hence it didn't get it. Though, Saif got it for Hum Tum beating SRK for Swades! It's like Arnold getting a Nobel Peace over Mahatma Gandhi. Well, almost.

    - Varun Grover

  2. Saif's acting in Hum Tum was way better than SRK's in Swades. Saif's acting looked like he did some work and tried something different...where as SRK was just doing what he always does...if anyone deserved to win it should've been Ashutosh Gowariker to come up with such a concept for Swades ....not SRK for his usual pakora nose crying thing...Saif was different and good at what he did in Hum Tum....shows that National Awards isn't all about honouring the art movies and serious cinema...a refreshing change which reflects the mood of the country