Thursday, July 12, 2007

So far, so good

So, apparently my parents like my place and the city :).

A large part of yesterday was spent putting finishing touches on the cleaning mission. A BIG thanks to all those who wished me luck online, and a bigger one to M, who came over and helped in final moments, and then came to the airport too [the plan was to use her car to carry luggage if my parents' suitcases do not fit in Jean-Luc, my trusted Accord].

We reached a bit after 1 hour past the plane's touchdown time, thanks to LA traffic, and I was afraid that they might be out in the terminal looking for me. Thankfully [?], they took 40 more minutes to go through immigration and agriculture, and I was able to receive them properly.

Then, on the drive back, numerous phone calls were made to relatives everywhere, most of whom had threatened to do bad things to me unless I informed them of the arrival ASAP. I showed mom and dad a bit of the 405 freeway, and some Culver city downtown while on the way home. Then over a cup of tea, some samosas from India Sweets and Spices, and some Kaju Barfi from Delhi, we had a nice sit-down snack-meal.

That was followed by a whole lot of unpacking, with mom showing M her collection of pickles, spices, clothes, and other desi stuff she got through customs :). M then took off, but not without some kaju-barfi, sounf and bangles :).

Dinner was some left-over Rajma and some freshly mom-made alu-sabzi. I must say that my parents liked my Rajma :D.

They woke up at 8 this morning and had their tea, so I am assuming that the Jetlag is not terrible, although only time will tell. The cool part is, they like the house very much, esp the kitchen :-).

okay then, back to work.. thanks again to you all for the encouragement :).
P.S. Speaking of air travel, here [via] is news of a mother and her child being booted out by an attendant, coz the child kept saying 'bye bye plane'. Thankfully the Lufthansa people were better than that.

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