Tuesday, July 10, 2007

They are on their way!

As I type this entry, my beloved parents are waiting to board their flight from the Indira Gandhi International airport at New Delhi, which will take them to Frankfurt, and then to LA in 26 hours. [Their US trip spans 3 months, with 5 weeks spent in LA]

After pushing soooo hard over the past couple of years, to get them to apply for passports, visas and tickets [you all have no idea how many reminder phone calls it has taken], it is finally happening! I will finally be able to show them what my life is like here, and who my friends are. The fact that I will get to eat Mom's home made food is a good plus too :-).

All that said, I am a bit freaking out - mostly about whether or not their time will be well spent. Thankfully there is a temple and an Indian store close to my place, and the area has some nice walks, so I am a bit relaxed. I have purchased a DVD player, so maybe they can watch movies to pass some time. I have also been cleaning the house for two days now, and there is still more to be done :-).

So my friends, what tips would you give to make my parent's trip better?

happy, excited, and a bit freaked out,


  1. Anonymous12:09 AM

    Didn't I give you plenty of tips just this morning ? Anyway, will tell you some more if I can think of any. It will be nice to finally meet Uncle and Aunty. I bet they collectively talk _way_ less than you do.


  2. I don't think you need to freak out....I'm sure they'll enjoy just being here.

    ask them to be careful with the heat this summer and remind to be hydrated all the time, the dry summer can be quiet tough sometime.

    the rest I'm sure they'll adjust to quickly.

    don't forget to get them a blockbuster and the local indian store membership for renting movies

    looking forward to phua and phuaphjee's coming!!


  3. Take some time off....and take them around. Call me for a list of non expensive AND fun places in LA!

  4. badhai ho!!
    mein 1 mahine se apne patidev & mummy papa ko mana rahi hun....

    What I had thought of doing when they'll come here was...

    mummy k liye painting ka sammaan she likes painting..a good brk & place to do the same...gardening etc taking to flower shows parks....papa k liye museums..library's ...unko vacation vaali feeling ho bas...

    ...kuch aisa jo unke liye alag ho...

    waise yeh woh tha jo mein enjoy karti ...u know your parents better :-)

  5. I know the feeling. Went through the same emotions when my parents were coming over. I think one good thing would be if they can be a little independent. If they can use the bus network to go to the beach or something on their own , it will be a good change for them.Am sure they and you will have a great time!

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