Thursday, September 20, 2007

A last, inspiring speech

A couple days ago, N forwarded me an email from S about the last lecture of Prof. Randy Pausch, a virtual-reality and graphics guru, who, at 46 years of age, has been diagnosed with incurable pancreatic cancer, and has been given only months to love.

Now I am not a graphics guy, but there was something about that announcement that struck me, and I ended up watching the lecture live, streamed from CMU. And boy, was I impressed. I think my resolve to be in academia has been strengthened by this event.

I strongly encourage you all to see/listen to it.

Google Video [thanks to Abi]:

A good coverage is here, but I encourage you to read it _after_ seeing the videos, so the surprises are not spoiled :-).

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  1. Thank you bhaiyya.. a fourth year student at your beloved.... watched the entire speech yesterday amidst the typical powercuts of 'our' beloved, but it was worth every minute... there are readers who faithfully visit your blog and I am one of many.. maybe this should provide enough incentive to keep posting.