Thursday, October 25, 2007

There is a hole in the sky ...

... through which things can fly!
I am talking about Portal, the latest game from the creators of Half-Life.

Here is the video trailer:

I have loved Half-life, as opposed to Quake or Doom or Unreal, because I love solving puzzles, and I love the first-person perspective. Even right now, I am at a stage in Half-life 2 where I have to kill a lot of zombies, and that is something I am not really interested in.

Portal, for me, provides the best part of half-life, namely the physics and realism in a first-person perspective, without the bloodshed. I am seriously thinking of spending the $19.95 for this game.

But wait, there is more! The good people at Primotech have modded Half-life to be played with the portal gun enabled. More details, and a video are here.

And for those who want to get a feel of the game, but for free, there is the flash version of portal. One of the best things is that you retain momentum while jumping through portals - so if you jump from high above into a portal, you come out of the other end with the same momentum [and kinetic energy]. This can be used to jump very high :-). [I know this sounds confusing. Post a comment if you want me to explain further, or better, play the flash game for a few levels :-)]

Finally, credit is due to the guys at User Friendly, who have been running comic strips on this topic for some days now, sufficiently so to prompt me to look it up on wikipedia.


  1. Sumit Jain6:50 AM

    Nice! FYI, this was presented as one of the animations in the Electronic Theatre at ACM SIGGRAPH 2007 in San Diego.

  2. :O :O :O
    i never thot u r a game freak.. always thout of u as a nerdy ;)

  3. @sumit: Aha.. so you have already seen it :-). Apparently this was a student project, and they all got hired by Valve.

    @khanna: I am not sure why nerds cannot play games ;-). Also, you would be happy to know that I used part of my salary during my internship in France in 3rd year to buy a 3-D accelerator card, so I could play quake-III faster on my machine in ITBHU :-). Our gang also was the first to put up a network-gaming section in Technex.