Saturday, December 29, 2007

Benazir is dead - but what does it mean?

When I heard about her death on NPR yesterday, it reminded me of when I had heard on Radio of Rajiv Gandhi's assassination -- a sense of disbelief. As I have heard more on this on news, and from friends, it is clear that the people here are not clearly aware of the many aspects of the story.

Well, Amy Goodman clearly knows how to choose learned guests. Today on Democracy Now!, she had two guests talking about the situation. Go here to read/listen/see it.

Following this, I went to the blog co-written by one of the guest on her show (Manan Ahmed), and his excellent post on the subject. I must say I was unaware of the fact that the first attack on Pakistan's democracy came just three years after independence, with the assassination of its first PM.

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