Sunday, December 09, 2007

Jaywalking in Delhi - no way!

I came across this interesting article today, which talks about how police is enforcing anti-jaywalking laws in New Delhi.

First, the why:
More than 900 pedestrians a year fail to make it to the other side, killed by the city's lawless drivers. So police decided on Wednesday it was time to start enforcing a 27-year-old rule against jaywalking.
The, the how:
police officers grabbed jaywalkers by the arm, issued them tickets, and made them pay 20-rupee (50-cent) fines before explaining the idea of waiting patiently for the lights to change.
and then, the funny parts :) :
"How would a villager know about these lights? There are no traffic lights in their villages," said Constable Suresh Sharma, who thought that the widespread rule-breaking was partly due to Delhi's large population of rural migrants.
"Next time I'll be watchful," said Vasant Pant, a 20-year-old courier late making his deliveries. "I'll look to see if there's a traffic policeman before crossing."
"I don't have the money," pleaded Ankita Khurana, a nervous-looking 18-year-old student.
"Then you'll have to go to jail," the policeman replied. She suddenly remembered she had change in her bag.
Since I know some people who have gotten tickets in LA for the same "crime", I wonder what they feel :-).

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