Friday, February 08, 2008

In a lighter vein...

Wanna get some laughs? then come see me and my buddies in our first desi improv comedy show of the semester. Saturday at 4pm on USC campus, between THH and Bovard.

More details at the Vidushak Blog.

In other comedy news, it gives me great pleasure to recommend The Daily Tamasha to you all. It is in the spirit of the Onion, but with a desi chutney :-). And I am proud to say that it is written by none other than my dear Varun Grover of the GAP Nautanki Company fame from our ITBHU days :-). It has been placed in the blogroll for permanence. Funny thing, I just checked the blog, and he has blogrolled me :-). I, sir, am honored.


  1. Arre waah...hum toh famous ho jaayenge yaar! Shukriya...dhanbaad!


  2. blogroll ka badla blogroll!!