Monday, February 18, 2008

Jodhaa Akbar -- go watch it

As some of you know, I was excited about this one, and indeed, when I came to know that the movie is playing less than a mile from where I live, I figured, why not go there and take in some cinematography?

This post, much like my other movie posts, is not really a review -- I am sure there are various others talking abut it [though Grover's commentary is still missing].

Is the movie too long? Is a majority of it fiction rather than history? Are Akbar's problems solved a bit too easily? Do some songs end up being boring? Is the movie predictable? Does the final fight make you wonder where those swords keep coming from? I perhaps agree to most, if not all of the above.

But is the movie worth watching? Do all the actors match their characters? Has the "period movie" genre come of age in India? Hell yeah! I personally loved the looks, and some of the songs too, not to mention the seamless special effects. And most importantly, I hope this acts as a good example for others to follow. First Mangal Panday, and then now JA -- my hopes with desi moviemakers being able to make convincing-looking period movies are high.

So go and watch Jodhaa Akbar in a theatre near you. It will be worth the $8/200 minutes.
P.S. Those who know me well know how tough it is for me to say this, but I kinda liked Aishwarya's acting in this one. There, I said it. Happy?
P.P.S. Check out Sonu Sood's acting in this one. I think he should get more opportunities.


  1. Anonymous4:03 PM

    Going to watch it tonight...have got strangely mixed responses, so really curious to check it out. In addition, it's an Ashutosh Gowarikar film (though I don't think highly of 'Lagaan' :-O) and a historical too.

  2. The swords are already places there before the fight starts. go to that seen and watch it carefully. swords are there before..... u have missed the swords because you are very enthusiastic about the fight lol.....

  3. Rajini8:13 PM

    I liked the movie overall too. I thought that the scenes between Jodhaa and Akbar were very well taken, and if it were just a love story without all the wars, I would have enjoyed it even more. The songs are just up there, at another realm...Rahman has outdone himself with his amazing versatility(I love Khwaja and In Lamhon ke Daaman mein).

  4. Have posted my review at