Monday, June 09, 2008

Celebrating two rebirths

June 9th, 2002: Rebirth of yours truly. [No, not like GWB, but like the Bionic [wo]man :) -- post car crash]

June 9th, 2007: Rebirth of this blog.

And thanks to your blessings, prayers and blog-hits -- both me and my blog have been chugging along well.

So Ashish, Akshay and Rahul -- happy re-birthday!

Interestingly enough -- Ashish is in Britain right now, Akshay travels to France sometimes, and I will be working in the same research group as I was in the summer of 2002. I guess we will be able to finish that road trip after all.


  1. Happy birthday- More importance to the first incident than the second :). It's probably after you get such a re-birth that you realize the true value of life

  2. happy re-birth :)