Sunday, January 11, 2009

On Complicated Issues and Overachieving OverAchievers

[Will soon post travel notes and snaps, but first this!]

Now that I am back in Paris, it is time to catch up on the Daily Show, while I type away work stuff at my laptop :).

And true to my expectation, JS and his team have been at it in the new year.

First, I loved his segment on the recent crisis in the Gaza Strip. Please watch it till the end, all the way till Jon S's response to Mayor Bloomberg's analogy. Wonderful!

And moving on, Asif Mandvi is spot on regarding the standard desi reaction to the news of Sanjay Gupta potentially becoming the Surgeon General of the USA. Hilarious!

and now, back to work.


  1. Anonymous5:58 PM

    OMG!!!! HILARIOUS!! I LOVE that guy Asif!!! Sooo funny!! I'm going to watch the other one now... Welcome back Animesh!!! Have a good day back to work tomorrow! : ) Cheers, Leese

  2. I absolutley love JS!! We saw his show in NYC before we moved to France. JS is a genius! Welcome back to France and see you on Sunday!

  3. the bloomberg analogy comeback was priceless. thanks animesh! welcome back to paris, look forward to catching up with you soon.