Sunday, January 18, 2009

Hamaara PM Kaisa ho? [How should be our PM]

N******a M**i jaisa ho!
[like N******a M**i]

I have heard this a lot from my friends who lean a bit [or a lot] to the right in the Indian politics.

Do I think this guy has done a lot for his state in his recent terms? Yes.
Do I think that he is amazingly media-savvy, what with all the wonderful youtube clips about him? Yes.
Do I think he is smart enough to court industrialists? Hell yes!

Do I think the above makes up enough to exonerate him from the blot that is Godhra, and clear up all accusations of his complicity in the allegedly state-supported riots?
um.. not really. Until he conducts a probe that explains the on-camera statement of the murderers, I will not be satisfied. He may not have given the orders, but it definitely happened under his watch, and he has some answers to give to the public.

I can go on and on, or I could do better. I could point you to this amazing news article that R sent me today, which pretty much says what I have been wanting to say for some time now.

So my answer to the question in the title? Well, for that, I would like you to read the last paragraph on the article.

P.S. psst.. There is something I have to tell you. Something big. But I cannot divulge a lot as of now. Just note that something big is going to happen on Jan 26 this year. more later.


  1. shaadi kar rahe hain kya ? jan 26 is too soon but engagement to ho hi sakti hai :P

  2. Good Question and the article putting forth an even pitch,super!

    26th Jan,hmmmmm :-)

  3. Once again one sided assertions
    It appeared to me that the hugger was ready to have innumerable never- ending serial blasts but definitely not the Post Godhra riot(and the 7 years of riot free state afterwards). It was difficult to make out whether that were his own views or images proliferated due to excessive media coverage

    Not going in the direction to support Modi, I would reiterate that atleast follow a rational outlook...while speaking of Modi, let us say this as well

    I dont want MMS and Sonia since they removed POTA just because it was being misused(this logic can actually repeal every law in constitution)

    I dont want all J & K politicians since they saw ethnic cleansing and persecution(rapes etc., similar to 2002) of lacs of Hindus and didnt even bother

    I don't want entire Gandhi family since they still dont feel ashamed of 1984 riots and the culprits r still free and get party ticket

    I dont want present CM of Assam since he was impotent towards bangladeshi infiltration and finally gifted us with Guwahati blasts. Similar logic for Bengal regime as well

    I would not support BSP, SP and congress since they turned impotent towards Mau killings where so many temples were destructed(contrast this with just one mosque demolition in Ayodhya)

    I would not support SP, BSP and congress because when Muslim mullas insulted Sardar Vallabh Bhai, no one even said a word
    Link was given in my 2nd post

    If for the dear hugger, life of lacs of Hindus is of no worth then it is another problem
    or perhaps he is awaiting some international accolade which u get only when u show muslims and christians getting persecuted, no matter whatsoever be the original story, He has taken this issue as some debate competition in a convent school where no matter how much the missioanries love conversions, u have to treat them as super holy and blame RSS...only then u can think of getting a prize
    Has someone ever got a prize while just being rational and just speaking the truth that missionaries should not play with the religious sentiments of society, it is not a good thing

  4. @daroga: wait and see. Jan 26 is not too far off :).

    @cat: Thanks for the comment.

    @mayank: resisting your off-topic flame-baiting over the catholic issue, or the POTA issue (conveniently forgetting that it was the BJP who lobbied for repealing TADA) I will address your on-topic points.

    1. The author of the article considers the congress's actions in 1984 "another of post-Independent India's most horrendous communal pogroms". I think he is pretty clear in the fact that he has no love lost for congress. His _defence_ for Rajiv is clearly sarcastic.

    2. Most of your points about why other parties are not good as well are already posted on my blog at this post. Our reasons might be different, but we agree on how noone right now is the right choice.

    3. Your 2nd post did not have any links, so I am not sure what link you were referring to. If you got something to cite, paste an actual hyperlink.

    P.S. For OA's view on the reaction of J&K politicians over the exodus of Kashmiri Pandits, watch this. Do we have an admission of incompetence from the rulers of Gujarat in 2002? If so, I would appreciate a link.

  5. Q.1. Do I think this guy has done a lot for his state in his recent terms?

    A.1: Ranjona Banerji of the DNA says that he first took the state back & then brought it forward. Please read the fourth para here.
    This is also something noted industrialist Rahul Bajaj pointed out. First para here.

    I have long suspected that the Gujarat story is mostly hype. Gujarat has always been among the top 6 contributors to India's GDP, always industrious, always prosperous.

    More importatnly, India's growth isn't restricted to Gujarat alone. Take a look at the per capita income & growth rates for Goa, just above Gujarat in this table. Isn't Goa doing better?

    Q.3. Do I think he is smart enough to court industrialists?
    A.3. Or are industrialists selfish & spineless enough to go to him?
    A.3.1 This is not for you but for any of your right leaning friends who visit:
    This talk of Industrial Progress while ignoring ethnic excesses is strongly reminiscent of hitler's "resurgent" nazi germany!

    1. Humaara PM kaisa ho?
    Aisa ho Bhai, aisa ho!

    2. The TRUTH about gujarat. Hopefully this should refute some of the points in Mr. Hazra's admittedly good article.

    2 more good reads (hopefully I should've left R behind by now!): (last section, last few paras)

    So was the unfortunate 2007 victory:
    a) Due to the immense polarization of the electorate (of which 89% are Hindus)?
    b) Was the election closer than we think?

  6. @1con: So, you _do_ give him point #2, right?

    Seriously though, good to see references in a ranty comment :-). Will go through them, or better, your latest post.


    Kindly go through the 6th para, this thing created lots no ripples here since modern youths are dead and so are all parties except one, only 2-3 newspapers discussed this issue with abhorrence

    As far as 2002 riots are concerned, Mr Atal Bihari cried publicly and I have heard many leaders from BJP that things got out of control, so please keep watching desi channels

    P.S. dont dare to disregard the tears of Mr. Atal, I can similarly disregard the so called moderates

  8. @mayank: Finally, a link. Thanks.
    Yes, what the guy reportedly said about Sardar Patel was reprehensible. I agree with you on that.

    Not sure which party you are talking about is alive. The one that has no answer as to why its supporters raped and burned with gay abandon?

    I respect Mr. Vajpayee, and respect his crying. But, guess what, he was the _prime minster_ of the country when that happened. Not sure if tears can wash away that incompetence. Still, respect is due to him. Guess where he is in the power-structure of your alive-party now. Nowhere. And the guy who pretty-much started it all in 1999, and was the deputy PM, is now nursing dreams of being the PM. Guess someone else chose to disregard the tears of Mr. Atal.

    But in terms of comparison with Omar A's statement, the guy I am talking about is Mr. Modi, who was the "ruler of Gujrat" at the time. You got him on record lamenting his own govt's inaction too? If so, let me know.

    @1con: Thanks for the informative links. I esp liked the close-elections data link. However, I take exception to your saying that Dr. Singh is the ideal PM. Sure, the guy is very smart, and perhaps in my opinion the best (lease worst?) we got, but _far_ from ideal. I am sorry, but IMO he simply does not instill inspiration in the masses. The one guy in the world who comes very close (at least in terms of media persona and oratory skills and clean record) to an ideal Indian PM is this guy.

    Ah well, let's see what he does from tomorrow on.

  9. This is SO belated, but I didn't realise you went travelling in India for a month...!

    I hope you enjoyed yourself, stay warm, and HAPPY 2009!

    Many hugs from L.A.!

  10. Animesh,

    Sure I give him point 2. Of course!

    And I never claimed that Dr. Singh is a leader of the masses. He is a technocrat, like you may one day become. He's no orator. He's been given a job to do & he's doing his job well for the past almost 10 years? With transparency as well!

    He may not inspire the masses yet, but he does inspire people like you and me, doesn't he?

    Sure Barack would be nice. But our folks would call him a "foreigner", among other derogatory names. You know how poor Sonia struggles for acceptance in her adopted country. We're more inclined to accept sonal Amartya Sen, vs naipaul etc. as our own than her. For us birth is everything. Such losers.

  11. @megan: Many hugs to you from Paris!

    @1con: I consider "inspiring the masses" to be part of the job description of the PM. Makes him different from the chief secretary.

    Regarding Barack, I meant him as an answer to "kaisa ho", and not "kaun ho". We need an Indian version of him I guess.

  12. Is it really part of a PM's job to inspire masses Animesh?
    I think that may be part of our problem. That is why we allow people the opportunity to criticise us for appearing dynastic. Because we seek inspirational leaders.
    My personal feeling is that we'd be far better off with functional leaders.

    An inspirational leader comes once in a century (Lincoln, Kennedy, Obama), and useful only when there is a need to unite a country for a common cause. Sure we need one, but hard as I look I cannot find a Gandhiji. Or even an Obama. Someone will have to metamorphose into one. One of us maybe...

  13. nice to read the discussion around here. but m sorts of a rigid guy.. if at all i want someone to be the PM (after me ofcourse) he is narendra modi

  14. @1con: A leader should "lead". People do not follow someone unless they are _impressed_. Most junta does not care about the nuances of economics. They _also_ need impressive oratory in addition to good work.

    Ergo, a good leader [of _all_ the people, not just the intelligentsia] needs to be a good/inspirational orator, among others.

    Regarding "seeking our own Obama", maybe the days-to-come will help us find a way to separate the grain from the chaff [hint-hint ;-)].

    @khanna: Not sure if I should smile or not. But being an engineer and having a basis of science, I definitely expect you to be willing to listen to arguments counter to your opinions, and perhaps modify them if you deem that the said arguments [and the references cited in them] have merit.

  15. @1con: For completeness sake, we might want to see the constitution of India [large PDF, from here] for the duties of the prime minster. See the top of page 902 for a set of references. Indeed, the _impressive speaker_ part is not there :-). But then, _honesty_ or other such traits are also not clearly mentioned as desirable qualities there ;-).

  16. @1con: interesting link, but I call false dichotomy. The _ideal_ leader can be both functional and inspirational (note the "_also_" in my comment above).

    It is not an either-or game IMO.

  17. Abhishek Khanna,

    If you really want the truth, maybe you should visit my blog & read my latest post.


    Here's a link that may help illustrate the difference between inspirational (or media-savvy) leaders versus functional leaders...

  18. Animesh...


    If we're talking "Ideal", point well taken.

  19. arre bhai 1con: "kaisa ho" mein to ideal hi chalega na :). Am not going to settle for anything less :-).

  20. Hamara PM kaisa naheen ho?
    N*r*n Mo*i jaisa naheen ho!
    Sab safe rahen,
    Khoon naa bahe,
    Chahe paisa thoda kum hee ho.

  21. This comment has been removed by the author.

  22. IHM,

    Paisa kum nahi hoga!!!

    Yeh sab log aaj isliye uchal rahe hain kyunki ek baar Manmohan Singh Finance Minister bane thhe. Bina unke kuch kaam nahi banta.

    Peace bhee, Wealth bhee!
    Manmohan hee!

  23. Animesh bhai: Humein tanik bhi anumaan nahi thha ki tum Desh chhorh ke, humaaree "chalta hai" sanskriti ka bhi saraahniye tyaag kar do gay! Yadi hum iss vaastavikta se parichit hotay, toh hum kadapi "less than ideal" ki ore sanket nahin karte.

    Ab ka karein... Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ne confuziya diya thha humein, "leader ki qualities" par tippani karke. Aapne toh link dekhi hee hogi...?

    Truth be told, I'd still go by what Sri Sri has to say.

  24. Animesh...

    Just for ****s sake...

    It may not be in the list of duties, but when the PM takes oath, does he swear to do his job "honestly"?

    And DID you btw, hear Obama speak yesterday???

    Moi is blown away!

  25. aye... tum kidhar gaya?

    3 baar vishesh tippani kari humein, aur tumharee ore se koi jawaab nahin...?

    kya karta hai man...?

  26. @1con bhai: all points in the jovial comments of yours taken. with pinches of salt.

    And yes, I watched the big O speak live. Good stuff. Will talk more on that after a week.

  27. i read ur blog and the comments on gujrats economy and society..

    jus gimme one sound reason hat why hasnt been thr an atack on US after 9/11 and nuisance in gujrat after those riots

  28. @khanna: Sorry to invoke Godwin's law here, but why wasn't there a single attack by Jews on native Germans once Hitler started his pogrom?