Sunday, September 14, 2008


Why? Why do we have to periodically endure the pain of innocent people being killed, regardless of religion, cast, creed, and political opinions. Normal people, aiming to earn their daily bread -- killed in cold blood by extremists.

I do not pretend to know the answers. I do not know how to stop this. But I do know the following:

1. I don't like how the UPA govt handles these issues, with its lax treatment of the law-and-order wing.
2. I do not support the right's hawkish attitude on terror, since the mistreatment of one non-terrorist can easily create more terrorists, esp in the polarized India of today.
3. I do not consider the left to be a party whose PoV is worth listening to, after the way they have handled the singur issue in WB [and the nuke deal, etc etc].
4. The people are sick and tired of this, but they are also concerned about their livelihoods. If we do not capitalize on the current "awareness" of people about this, noone will ask the powers-that-be for a pragmatic and effective solution to this situation, and this will repeat again in some time.

I'm sorry if you came to my blog expecting a witty or humorous post, or some kind of solution to this crisis -- I am just not in the mood for the former, and I have no idea about the latter. If you have some, do comment and let me know.

Outraged, and agitated,


  1. there is only one solution to this problem.. Make narendra modi the prime minister of India.. He knows how to handle such people

  2. Thanks for your comment Khanna.

    However, please re-read point 2 in my post above. Also, last time he was in-charge of the administration of a state, I remember there was a huge massacre in which the govt was known to have supported the rioters, much like the congress in 1984. I am not sure the country can handle something like that at a national scale.

    [P.S. Yes, I know that Gujarat is progressing, and he caught some terrorists recently, but I have my reservations, mostly stemming from the culprits of the riots still going scot free, despite all sorts of evidence]

  3. Last week we saw"A Wednesday".It is a terrific movie superbly acted by Nasirudeen Shah and Anupam Kher.The theme in the movie was how a common man decides to take matters in his hand .
    This film really sends a message to all of us.In the bomb blast of Delhi has it not been the rag pickers and alert vendors there would have been more bomb blasts.It is very difficult to accept 100% effort from the government because they have their own interests and their own profits.
    Can we really look to any minister whom we can vouch that he or she has a strong will.Whether Narendra modi in Gujrat or Congress Govt in 1984 all are same.
    Strong law like POTA was also used by officers to settle their personal score. When Police officers Like "Daya Nayak" ,an encounter specialists can be blamed having nexus with underworld than what can we say about others.

  4. I wrote something very similar on my blog just now.

    The dialog in the movie Charlie Wilson's war comes to mind... "Why is congress saying one thing and doing nothing?". Interestingly the Russian attacks and the US arming the Afghans with guns may have laid the foundations of terrorism.