Thursday, September 25, 2008

Videos: Suspended Campaigns, and the US Economy

[Post tributed to the amazing women I know, esp S and A -- for their views on SP :)]

First, watch this video

Watch CBS Videos Online

Amazing what happens when she is cross-questioned!!
Thanks to S for pointing me to this page which had the video.

Update: Katie C's feedback here.

Moving on, as you might know, John McCain has suspended his campaign, so he can focus on the crisis in the economy [read: avoid a debate with Obama].
Jonny S says it best.

In solidarity with McCain, the coal-bear also suspended his show:

Moving back to Palin, and how her handlers don't allow press conferences, here is a report on her going to meet all leaders in the UN. [remember how pissed A was with this :)]

Colbert's take on Palin follows:

Also, to prove that JS lives not on republican's blood, but politician's blood in general, here is take on Biden

and finally, a segment on Asif Mandvi. I loved his 'childhood video'

Yeah -- I know, a lot of videos, but hey -- a lot of good art was created yesterday -- what's a blogger to do? ;)

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