Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Rappin' 'bout the El-Etch-See

I have known about the LHC for some time now, including the fact that in the off-chance, it could destroy the world ;). MP sent me this discovery article about it yesterday, which explains it in more details.

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, but I say that a video is worth 24 pictures each second! ;)

So here it is, a rap made by a grad student for the LHC [ref: the article above]. Enjoy!

BTW, I will be in Nice for conference when this thing fires up. So just in case we all get sucked in, so long, and thanks for all the comments ;).

P.S. A TED Talk on this topic is here, but I still prefer the rap format :).

Update [9Sep08: 8pm CET]: Apparently they started it, and got some images too -- but the main thing will happen only in a couple of weeks :).


  1. salut mon ami,

    is it just me or does the big bang machine look like a carnival ride?


  2. In case you get sucked into the blak hole, could you please drop us a note via blog ;-)?

    Good to see you blogging frequently; Nice-vees jaa rahe ho, sahi hai beta!!