Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Beginnings: Brothy and Browsery

[update [9pm CET]: It is available now!!]

First things first: Last night, finally, I was able to make my first curry in France! I _had_ tried earlier to make it, and had chopped up all the potatoes, tomatoes, garlic and chilli I needed on Sunday, only to realize that I had no cooking oil :). Well, I bought some last evening, and finally made some alu-tamatar [potatoes in a tomato sauce]. And yes, it did come out pretty well :).

Moving on to other new-beginnings, ToI told me today about Google's new browser, Chrome. Of course, being the crappy journalists they are, there were no links to any other useful info [not even attribution to where they got their images from]. To find out more, I went to slashdot, and found this post, rife with interesting comments.

Finally, I went to this post on the google blog, which gives more details.

My suggestions to you:
1. Read this comic explaining what this is all about.
2. Visit this page in one day, to download a copy and run it for yourself :).

Of course, there are a lot of blog posts about what this means, but I am surely looking forward to it. My personal view is that they had this in mind, but the release of IE8 [with its "porn mode"] surely boosted the speed with which they had to release it.

Should MicroSoft worry -- well, if the $200 Techcrunch Open Source Tablet comes with Chrome installed, then it will run all sorts of web apps super fast, and people might just reduce their Windows Vista Laptop purchases. [BTW, they have a prototype already booted up] [ref: /.]

Here's to a brighter browser future, and to the left-over curry I will have for dinner tonight :).


  1. I downloaded chrome after reading your blog.It is really something new .

  2. I wonder how they scroll up, if they have only chrome :) Big Bug .. looking forward a fix ..

  3. You can't scroll up using laptop's touchpad. You an scroll down, but you cant scroll up. Although its Super-annoying. You can substitute that habit with Up-arrow key or Page-up.

    Its not just me:

  4. Knowing that it is Google at work, what creeps me about Chrome is the amount of personal data the Google-guys are gonna collect about me from the moment I wake up. Apparently, though its motto is "Do no evil", the reality stinks...

  5. @sharad. A very good answer to your question is at this blog.

  6. @A: Point taken.
    But the argument continues... http://news.cnet.com/8301-17939_109-10032047-2.html