Sunday, August 31, 2008

Getting g33ky 'bout getting Jiggy

Sex in an MRI machine?!

That's apparently what the Discovery team got a couple to do, and the result is this wonderful documentary (Anatomy Of Sex) that you _all_ want to watch :). So instead of sending you all emails with the link, I figured I will just post it on my blog :).

Click here to go to the video. Note that you will also have to "launch the NinjaVideo Helper" in order to see the video. Don't worry, no spyware as far as I could figure out. Remember, after the buffering is completely done, you can always right click and save as divx :).

and yes, you're most welcome ;).

P.S. G33ky blog page with pictures from the research papers.
P.P.S. Youtube link.

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