Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Moving On, with Cold Feet

So I moved out from my hostel, la clarière, to my studio in Puteaux (I guess it makes me a Putéolien].

The new studio is small, but spacious. It is also furnished, meaning that the nice owners have given me not only a sofa/bed and other furniture, but also utensils -- saucepans, spatulas, spoons, forks, plates, the works!

This studio is definitely better than the hostel room, primarily because of the much faster internet and the lack of noise, in addition to the proximity to Paris :). [BTW, the first thing I did after putting down my first suitcase -- install internet :)]

The only thing I did not realize was that I did not have my blanket while coming from the states! The hostel blanket having been returned, I was left blanketless on my first night at the new place :-|. Since I discovered this only at 10pm after coming back from a Janmashtami function, there was no store open for me to purchase one.

Needless to say, il a faisait très froid dans la nuit [it was cold in the night], mostly because my feet got cold :-|.

The good news, I got a blanket the very next day [i.e., yesterday], and all is well now :).

Next step: Buy a bicycle.


  1. yeah! congrats, can't wait to see pics of your new studio. i thought about you moving in yesterday :)

  2. Hey Animesh!!

    Congrats on your new place! I am also glad you got a blanket the very next day... Hope to see you soon...
    Take good care,

  3. The next time you put up a misleading title like that, remind me not to scream so that the windows in the house shatter - I thought you'd found your Banaras babe and were tying the knot or something.


    Anyway, enjoy your new place, you miserable worm.

  4. Congrats for the new place. I hope you are excited about it. Are u going to get a room mate as well? I am waiting for the picture of your bike.

  5. @victoria and Leesa: Thanks a lot for your wishes.

    @aparna: LOL :)

    @Ritu: Yes, am excited. No, no roommate. Picture coming soon, as soon as I get my bike. But the link I have on my blog is the one I am planning to buy :).

    @all: Yes, pictures of my apartment also coming soon :).

  6. Congrats on the studio Bro!!!....

    didn't think it would cold already over there...but good u wudn't get cold feet anymore...Good Luck with purchasing bike :) :)

  7. revati10:00 PM

    I miss you dude! :)
    Congrats on the blankie! yayy/...
    Next step a good biladi for warmer feet?