Friday, August 15, 2008

You may now salute the flag

[Thanks to having fixed the hostel's internet, I can finally upload the pics :)]

One week ago, Sandrine drove us all to Sébastien's Wedding in the south of Paris. The pictures are finally online for your viewing pleasure :) [the album is here -- start the slideshow to see bigger pictures]

And today morning, I went to attend the Flag hoisting at the Indian embassy in Paris. Thanks to the vacation schedule of the trams [yes, 15th august is a national holiday in France, but for entirely different reasons ;)], I reached a bit late.

There were loads of people there, and I got to meet the gang from the Orkut group. We went on to have a small picnic in a nearby park, discussed politics, and played tons of dumb-C. Good times :).

Here's to the wonderful new friends I made today, and to more such G2G's!
[the album is here -- start the slideshow to see bigger pictures]

update: Pics from Vaibhav here


  1. Thanks for sharing the photographs!
    You are looking a bit slim and very smart.

  2. animesh i love that your mom reads your blog! i'm headed over to your picasa page to check out your photos now ;)

  3. Nice. Even we have been going to the emabassy for past 2 years for flag hoisting and it always feels good!