Saturday, August 02, 2008

Fake divorcee, non-terrorist driver, and Dragons in Ostrich-land

Today, I bring thee several news stories worthy of thy attention:

First, from NPR's wait wait, I came to know of the story of the guy from Kolkata who tried to get a divorce by using a rent-a-wife.
Sanjib Saha presented a woman as his wife in a lower court in the eastern city of Kolkata this month. Both said they sought a mutual divorce, something the court granted immediately.

I have seen enough movies when men and women hired spouses for one reason or the other, but hiring one to get a divorce, that's new!


Secondly, the US govt continues to claim that the driver of Bin-laden was involved in planning the terror attacks of 9/11, although the alleged "mastermind" Khalid Sheikh Mohammad (KSM) himself said that the driver was just that, a driver.
"He was not a soldier, he was a driver," Mohammed said according to a redacted English translation of his Arabic.

He described Hamdan, who has a fourth-grade education, as a "more primitive (Bedouin) person" who did not share bin Laden's ideology but wanted his money and was "only searching for pleasure and money in this life."

"He was not fit to plan or execute. But he is fit to change trucks' tires, change oil filters, wash and clean cars and fasten cargo in pick up trucks," said Mohammed, who called himself the military official responsible for overseeing al Qaeda cells abroad and "the executive director of 9/11."

Of course, I can totally imagine GWB's lawyers saying that this testimony does not count since KSM was tortured :).


And finally, an NPR story that talks about the rise of Chinese business in Africa. I also firmly believe that Africa is still the last unexplored frontier, and China, like a very smart big power, is rapidly assuming economic control over large parts of it. The question is, can the African people, esp their governments, wake up in time negotiate good deals?

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