Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My Eye: Latest Update

[Those who are not aware about the context of this post, please check here for an older post with more detail]

Am writing this from the train to Versailles, my eyes still dilated.

Met Dr. Cassoux this morning. She is a retinal surgeon specializing in my ailment, and came highly recommended by my ophthalmologist, Dr. Zeghidi. (Huge thanks to @k_sam for accompanying me.)

After looking at my retina, she said, like the previous retinal surgeon, that my loss of vision is due to the scar itself, and in her opinion, it will not be wise to perform surgery, given how little it will possibly achieve for the many risks in the operation.

So yeah. I'm f*&ked.

But wait, there's more. Apparently there is a high chance (50%) of this infection's relapse, and she recommended I take an antibiotic (Bactrim) once every three days for the next two years to bring that risk down to 20%. 

Well, I guess that is a good motivation for me to eat right, exercise, and meditate to keep my immune system strong.

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  1. That is not a good news.. did you search for any daadi maa ke nuskhe?

  2. Anonymous6:59 PM

    :( hope u recover soon A.


  3. Anonymous7:24 PM

    that is so not good news :(

  4. hmm.. dude.. did not feel good after hearing this :-|

    Take care and do as u said in the last part of the blog :-)


  5. Anonymous8:08 AM

    Send me a mail, explaining in simple terms your problem. Simple as in, simple enough that I can go and explain the whole thing to the Ayurved Chikitsak at the nearby Yoga Centre. They are good, as per my experience till now.

    More than medicine, they will suggest some specific Yoga-aasans etc.

    Hope, my friend, helps a lot. And i know, you are never short of it.


    - V

  6. Thanks for the update Animesh. It is a shame that nothing more can be done, but keep your spirits up and you know we are here if you need us. - Justin

  7. thats sad :-(
    kahan kahan aankh maari hai ki uska yeh haal hai??

    do a good research related to the disease...probably there might exist a better cure!

  8. I heard of your blog many times through different pple. I was just going through the postings. Enjoyed and Liked it :)

    rahul raj
    meta 08
    IT BHU

  9. Anonymous8:59 AM

    animesh what is this shit ur writing about loss of vision ...
    is there some problem i am concerned
    well write back what has happened
    take care

  10. arrey , yeh sab kya hua... Courage man !! I hope you are fine anyway... ? thoughts for u :(

  11. and if ever u need help for translation stuff or (french) doctor visit, count on me.. although I'm not in Paris now...àbientot

  12. Oh, sorry to read about your eye trouble. Maybe science will come up with a solution soon.