Sunday, December 06, 2009

French Dinner with Bhai

My bhai (brother) was visiting me in Paris this past week, and we ended his trip with a visit to the Loire valley, where we visited the chateaus of Chambord, Cheverny, and Chenonceau.

But more about that later.

For now, I want to talk about the wonderful local dinner we had at Cheverny, where we spent the night. Here is a slideshow for your viewing pleasure. If you cannot see it, click here to go to the album directly.

P.S. As a sneak peek for the pictures still to come, here is Tintin's home


  1. yummy!!!....mere muh mein dekh kar hee paani aa raha hai.....bhaiya seems to have lost a lot of weight.....hope not because of traveling

  2. You guys certainly eat good.
    I didn't know one could make their own garam masala, could I please have the recipe? Merci beaucoup, monsieur.

  3. Anonymous2:34 AM

    ... while it seems our 'deer' A has gained a pound or two, no :) ? But your dinner did look delicious ! What does venison taste like?


  4. Tania6:30 AM

    yum! I have been to a few of those chateaus.. post photos!

  5. shiv, shiv ... bechara Mrig aur Meen ...