Friday, December 25, 2009

Santa and the Eye

[Update: Doc appt postponed to 30th. Flying into Chennai on 27th, coming back on 1/1/10]

First of all, Happy Santa Day to you! May the bearded rep from Coca Cola grant you all your gift-related wishes :).

Moving on to the second topic - My eye. [those who don't know about my eye issues, please click the link]

On Monday, December 21, Dr. Lingam Gopal of the Sankara Nethralaya examined my eye. After looking at my fresh angiography, he said there there is more trouble in my eye than there was on Nov 3, when my last angio was done in Paris!

Apparently, there are new blood vessels forming behind my retina, or technically:
The fundus fluoresciene angiography was reviewed and showed very clearly a choroidal neovascular membrane beyond the existing chrioretinal scar.

Basically, if they don't stop this, my vision could further deteriorate.

The good news: treating this will only take three injections of Avastin, once a month.

The bad news: the injections need to be given directly in the eye!

So, yeah, on the 27th of Dec (this Sunday), Dad and I will go from Patna to Chennai so I can get a shot on the 28th. The other two will be given by my doc in France, who is in agreement with Dr. Gopal's diagnosis and proposed treatment.

Other than that, life is good. Had a good time at HiPC in Kochi, and then in Chennai. Currently enjoying with mom and dad at Patna. Let's see what eye-related gift Santa brings for me. Maybe this?



  1. Animesh: Good luck with the treatment.

    Wish you and yours a happy new year!

  2. @Abi: Thanks.
    Best wishes to you and your family too.

  3. Anonymous7:42 PM

    Take care, dear A. Will call you soon. Can you send me your phone number ?


  4. Oh Animesh!!!

    We were all talking about you at Dawn's Party and today! Brigitte, Dawn, Flo and I were discussing your eye! We were wanting to know how it's doing... Now, I know... .I'll report back to the gals and send your link...
    Good news is GOOD... However, the shot in the eye thing just freaked ME out, so I'm sure it's freaky to YOU! Courage, mon ami!!!
    Miss you!!!


  5. Animesh have you thought about trying any desi nuskha?- they really work.

  6. Take care....It will be soon over...