Saturday, April 10, 2010

India Notes, April 2010 Edition

As you might know, I am in India nowadays for my brother's wedding. Things, as usual, are very hectic, and I am writing this on my phone on the way to Chennai airport to pick up some guests who are coming for tomorrow morning's wedding ceremony.

Here is a set of disconnected observations and thoughts I wanted to share with you all. Let me know if you have any thoughts.

* weddings and other big family events are a wonderful occasion for family members to meet each other, some after many years. And when you meet your cousins after a long break, it does not take long to re-make that bond.

* The subway sandwich shop in Chennai has separate counters for veg and non-veg subs. And all halal meat. And no beef or pork. I just had an Italian BMT with chicken ham and mutton pepperoni. :)

* mosquitoes are evil.

* The streets of Patna are much safer now.

* I have lost my conditioning to the constant honking. Or maybe I never had it, having grown up in a walled campus and gone to college in another.

* Getting your blackheads removed hurts.

* BSNL 3G SIM cards will not work in Delhi or Mumbai. In Chennai, 3G will work but voice will not.

* Indian vodafone "zoozoo" ads are cool. Look for them on youtube.

* Indian soap operas are terrible. And addictive to parents :-(

* you cannot carry spare batteries in your carry on baggage.

* carrying an episode of Bones on your laptop is a great help on cheap domestic flights.

* It is hard to get attendees in a party to start dancing, but once it happens, it is great fun. Yes, photos and videos will be posted ;-). Also, remember to make some lemonade with salt and sugar to rehydrate if you plan to dance like a madman at your brother's pre-wedding party. :)

and finally,

* Family _is_ the most important thing.

Getting ready to leave in a wedding procession at 5:30 tomorrow morning,

--sent from my Google HTC Magic--


  1. m in chennai too n will say dis place "SUX" !!!!

  2. "And no beef or pork. I just had an Italian BMT with chicken ham and mutton pepperoni." I wonder if they call it 'ham' so they don't have to admit it's 'pork'.

  3. I am reading some texts after long time here otherwise it looked like blog giving me information about delicious cuisines of the world. :P Wishing your brother good luck for future...

  4. My dermatologist "popped" all of my blackheads once in high school, and it was possibly the best feeling ever. I felt like my skin could finally breathe!

  5. Family most DEFINITELY is the most important thing. Glad you get to spend some time with them.

  6. @starman: chicken ham is made from chicken and tastes like ham, not the other way round :). You can also get real ham here.

    @Y: thanks.

    @lfv: ow!

    @ER: Yup. Good times.