Thursday, April 01, 2010

Wedding Plans

OK, so all those who are reading this expecting to hear about plans for _my_ wedding -- sorry, consider yourself and unintended April Fool [or an April Fish, if in France :)]. (although, the last part of this post has something about my own arranged marriage :). )

This post is regarding my upcoming India trip, and the wedding of my dear elder brother!

The wedding is in Chennai [his fiancée is from Chennai, they both work in Atlanta] on April 11th, and the reception is in Patna [my hometown] on April 15th.

I am flying out this Sunday afternoon, and am looking forward to a 2-week break off the grid! Well, almost. I will still be carrying my HTC Magic with Google Android, and a BSNL 3G SIM card, but don't expect quick replies to email :).

So, any tips for attending a Tam Brahm wedding?

P.S. As promised, here is an arranged-marriage themed video I played a short role in recently. It is a short film by Swati, and was shot near Paris. Thanks to the lovely Nishtha for not slapping me :P.


  1. Sharjeel5:40 PM

    all i gotta say is that your friend is hawt and instead of wearing a pencil skirt salwar kameez, she should have been dancing in a mini skirt. it'd make the movie much more interesting. there's no guitar in the soundtrack, the guy with the guitar just seems like he doesnt care and you mon ami, well, need to be a lot more serious in bringing down the shadi inquisition on her. afterall after auntyji sees this video, she's totally going to want to get you hitched with the desi girl with a designer hair cut.
    (note to self... never write comments when overcaffeinated) ab jaldi shenai wehnai bajawao professor pathak!

  2. @Sharjeel. haha! Shehnai vehnai mein abhi time hai. Abhi to main hoon, aur Paris hai :).

  3. Wah sardaar .... kya sahi prospective groom bane hain!!
    And the last question : yo for being practical :)

    good one.

  4. Hey, you're famous!!

  5. and i thought u were making wedding plans! :)

  6. "What kind of clothes do you intend to wear after marriage?" Is that really a question you would ask? Liked the show. I think it's the first time I've ever seen all of you. Quite handsome.

  7. Can't wait for this to go viral. Next thing you know you'll be more famous than SRK!

  8. @All: Thanks.
    The "what will you wear" question, believe it or not, might actually be asked in these settings. Still a lot of Indian guys out there who would not like their wives to wear "western" clothes.

    e-Tickets printed. Ready to go [after some shopping and packing :)]!

  9. short nd nice....esp dat backgroud dance sequence [:D]

  10. Anonymous12:44 AM

    Have fun at your bhai's shaadi, A. Say 'Namaste' from me to Uncle/Aunty. Oh, and do post atleast a couple of pix as soon as you can !


  11. the video was cool! Even i feel there should be some glamor (read mini skirts!) in the movie. or maybe an item number my the world famous rakhee sawant?

  12. Good atleast I wasn't April Fish....I knew you meant attending marriage plans...

    movie was a little nostalgic...good atleast he didn't ask me the last question ;)

    Cool acting aware tinsel town...Animesh is hitting a screen near you :D :D

    PS: the glasses look really nice