Monday, September 27, 2010

[57 so far!] Itemizing Bollywood Songs

[Update Oct 14, 2010: 50+ songs now!:] Thanks for the wonderful response folks! Now there are 57 songs in the playlist. Click the link below to open it in a new tab and see the songs. As always, suggestions most welcome :).

[Context: This post is driven by my quest for peppy bollywood playlists to play in the background while I think algorithms and debug code at work]

So, Dabangg (IMDB, IndiaFM, Trailer) is out, and is a bit hit. People I know, however, have had different reactions -- M hated it, A loved it, and most importantly, my mom (and dad) loved it! [wonder what VG of JH thinks :)]

Here's the trailer, for those who are as yet untouched by this movie's PR.

Anyways, mom was talking about how Malaika Arora was awesome in the "Munni" song (first in the playlist below), which got me thinking that although she was good, there have been better item songs in Bollywood. Keeping the sexual innuendo of the dance aside for the moment, I wanted to catalog the best song+dance sequences in terms of their peppiness, and the dancing skills of the performers. So, I asked some friends for help, and the result is the playlist below.

And now, my request for help. Please let me know which songs you would like added to the list.

The Rules:
  1. At least one of the main dancer should have a guest appearance, so all songs of the type of "Tu cheez badi hai mast mast" and "Banke tera jogi" are out (I know, quite a shame. Will do a series about that later).
  2. Please post the song title, movie name, and most importantly, a youtube link (better if HD) in the comments.
  3. Needless to say, the song should be from a Bollywood movie :).

The playlist is embedded below for your listening pleasure. If you cannot see it, or want to see the whole list in one shot, please click this direct link to the playlist (opens in new tab).

So, what do you think? Any suggestions?


  1. 1. Ishq Kameena (Shakti) -

    2. Shut Up and Bounce (Dostana) -

  2. Thanks Maunic bhai. Added :).

  3. Sholay - Mehbooba
    Caravan - Dilbar

  4. Bhai: Added Mehbooba, but Aruna Irani had a proper role in Caravan, no? Hence it is no longer an item song. Or is it?

  5. Main Zandu Balm hui, darling tere liye?? I mean, even in the Govinda archives, I don't there is anything this weird.

    I LOVE IT!!

  6. 1. haven't seen Dabang yet. Caught up in deadlines. Will watch one of these days.

    2. My fav item song of all times: Kajraare from Bunty aur Babli. Absolutely magical words, music, dance, and full-family dhamaal (by Bachchans). (HD)

    Another odd fav is Aisa Jadoo from Khakee. (non-HD)

    And a totally random, equally fun would be 'Emosanal Atyachaar' from Dev D. (It didn't have an item girl but had 2 very crazy item boys...guess it qualifies. no?) (non-HD, but HQ audio. The link says so!)

    And a song I hum a lot for some unfathomable reason is this, Reham Karey from 'Cash'. A film that lost all the cash invested in it!

    And LSD's 'I can't hold it any longer' is a recent fav. Unfortunately, youtube has no video for that.

  7. @aparna: LOL. Apparently the Zandu balm guys sued them for it! Craziness.

    @varun: Thanks for the wonderful suggestions. Added. Interestingly, Kajrare was already the song immediately after Munni in my playlist :) [tanik link click karke list dekh lijiye sir :)]. I also love aisa jadoo and rehem kare.

    Also, added Sharara-Sharara to the list. :).

  8. Just remembered and added "aa tayar ho ja (Asoka)". Reminds me of 2nd year at ITBHU :).

  9. you absolutely need to add this one. It one of my favs. Chadhti jawani from Page 3

  10. @Neha. I was wondering how "chadhti jawani" got included in Page 3. Then I realized you meant "hariyal jawani" :). Added.

  11. I didn't know you'd seen that many Hindi films & recalled so many item songs!

    I love this list, specially the first few songs. I'm happy to note that there are 2 Ash numbers in it, both in my opinion are probably the best!

    Chaiyan, Chaiyan didn't make it to your list? Not that it's in mine or anything. I haven't put any item song list together yet (Biwi maaregi!), but I do have one pressing suggestion! It's hoNTh raseelay once again featuring the modern day queen of Item numbers Malaika. Or can we call her the modern day Helen?
    (Which makes me wonder why you haven't added more Helen numbers in here!!! Don, all those other rocking numbers that she did!!!)

    I also like that one from Dus, in which that muscular female is dancing. What's it called?

    PS: How do put a playlist together on Youtube??

  12. This is my first visit here.
    Very interesting--will return soon.

  13. @Aman: Added Chaiyya Chaiyya. Also added "Deedar de" from Dus (with the muscular girl :P). Thanks for the reminder.

    The reason we cannot add Mallika's (not Malaika) "honth raseeley" from Welcome and Helen's songs from Don is that they both had proper roles in those movies (see Rule 1).

    To add songs to a playlist, just click the "add to" button underneath a video which is playing. [you need to be logged in - use your google ID]

    @Mr. Chowla: Thanks. See you again soon :).

    All: I also added "Chhamma Chhamma" (China Gate) and "Jaan Leva" (Moksha).

    Any other suggestions?

  14. I still find many notable ones missing!

    1. Dilli ki Sardi - Amrita Arora looked sexy in her lifetime only once ! :)

    2. Tata Young in Dhoom song

    3. Deepika Padukone - Love Mera Hit Hit - Billu Barber

    4. In the last - Dude how can you forget
    @IAMSRK in Shakkti for legendary Ishq Kameena!

    There are zillion others of one and ONLY Rakhi Sawant -

    Bichua -
    Dekhta hai tu kya? Krazy4 -

    (Will send more later - in office)

  15. Thanks for the links Anshul. Will add. But I already had "Dilli ki sardi" and Ishq kameena in the list. Are they not visible?

  16. No - I checked - I dont think they are - let me check again

  17. oh yeah! - Actually I searched for "Dilli ki sardi" and it is "Delhi ki sardi" and Ishq Kameena uske saath hi hai....i was too excited to post it that I overlooked it!

    And BTW - Very Nice Initiative, please pat your self from my side!

  18. @Anshul [or is it @_Anshul :P] All songs added. Thanks for the HQ links. I had head the bichua song, but did not know it was Rakhi ji in the video version :).

    And thanks for the pat. Please send in more suggestions.


  19. @Aman: I just realized my mistake in confusing "honth rasiley" with another song in Welcome. Added :-).

    Also added several other songs that came to my mind (and suggestions from Facebook). The list now has 33 videos :).

  20. OO teri!! How did I miss this...
    This has been a topic of research!
    You seem to have merged 2 categories:-
    1) Naach numbers (Indian roots)
    2) Cabaret numbers ( Western roots)
    Major omissions.... dancing queen Madhuri Dixit doesn't have a single number?
    Here's one from Sailab.. (video quality not good )
    Dhak Dhak ... Beta
    Not sure if it qualifies...
    No vishal bharadwaj movies?
    Beedi doesn't qualify?

    Young people! such faint memory! :D You guys need a reeducation...
    Here are a few to whet the appetite..
    From the maestro himself Chandralekha (Thiruda Thiruda)
    Humma Humma (Bombay)

    Dupatta Beiman
    This one's for @pranavesh
    Dupatte ka pallu

    Sajna Ve Sajna ..Chameli

    Main Deewani from Bandhan (LMAO)

    will add more later....

  21. Chandralekha (Hindi Version)

  22. Good Playlist Bhai and really cool suggestions...I had actually forgotten about some songs....I have the following suggestions:

    Chamma Chamma - China Gate - Urmila Mantondkar

    Koi Jaaye To Le Aaye - Ghatak - Mamta Kulkarni -

    And the ever popular: Don't know if you would add it to playlist
    Choli Ke Peeche - Khalnayak - Madhuri Dixit -

  23. Manisha2:31 PM

    U can add these songs also...
    Babuji ji jara dheere chalo- Dum - Yana Gupta

    Mehboob mere- Fiza - Susmita sen

    Laila laila - samay - lucy-bartholomew

    Mai ayi hoon UP Bihar lootne - shool - Shilpa shetty

    sorry can't have youtube link right now as its block in office.. :P

  24. @Mihir bhai:
    Thanks for appreciation, and the additions to the list! Here are my comments on the suggestions:
    - "Humko aajkal hai (Sailaab)" - violates rule #1. She had a role in the movie.
    - "Dhak Dhak" - same problem. Rule #1. Also, not exactly an item song. ;-)
    - "Beedi" - again, rule #1.
    - "Chandralekha" Thanks a ton for the hindi link. Added! :).
    - "Humma Humma" (Bombay) - added! :)
    - "Mungda" was already in the list.
    - "Dupatta Beiman" - added :)
    - "Dupatte ka pallu" - sorry, violates rule #1. SS had a role in Tarkieb
    - "Sajna Ve Sajna ..Chameli" - added :)
    - "Main Deewani from Bandhan (LMAO)" - Sorry, Shweta Menon had a proper role in Bandhan :).

    @Neha: Thanks. Added "Koi jaaye to le aaye." Already included Chamma Chamma. And the other two sadly have actresses who have proper role in the movie, hence in violation of rule #1 :-(

    @Manisha: Thanks. Babuji and UP/Bihar were already in the list. Added "Mehboob mere" and "Laila Laila" :)

    Thanks once again to all for the suggestions. 41 songs added so far :).

  25. Thanks Sumit. Added :).

  26. How about these

    a.Teri Jawaani Badi Mast Mast hai (Pyaar Kia to Darna Kya)

    b. Main aayi hoon UP Bihar lootne

    c. Is kaal kaal main hum tum kare dhamaal

  27. "Alhad mast Jawaani " from Gangajal

    Unfortunately, I couldn't find any HD videos :(

  28. Anonymous11:35 PM

    Would "Saiyaan re" from Salaam-e-Ishq be a valid exception to the above rules? :)

    PC had a full fledged role in the movie but her character was that of an "item girl" and as per script this was her performance in an "item number" :D

    Youtube link -

    I think you missed the SRK Kaal item number -

    And another SRK item song was in Krazzy4 -

    The SRK ones are not really faves but I remembered them so if you want they could be added for completeness :)

  29. Anonymous2:46 AM

    oooo! oooo! Guru - Mayya Mayya

  30. Helen's number in Inteqam.Did she play any role in the movie?

  31. @Bhanik: Thanks for the tips.
    - Anjala Jhaweri had a role in PKTDK
    - already in the list
    - added :)

    @Manu: Thanks for the tip. Sorry but I did not find the song peppy enough to add the non-hd link :-\

    @Anon: Thanks for the tips.
    Added the SRK numbers, but the one with PC does not qualify -- Rule #1 does not distinguish between item-girl and non item-girl roles :).

    @Anon2: Mayya Mayya added. Thanks!

    @Mami: Thanks for the tip! Nice song, but no HD videos :-(.

  32. How about this faryal song.I don't know whether it is a Hd video or not.

  33. Thanks mami. Added.
    To see if a video is HD, see the bottom-right corner of the video. If it says "360p" or something, then it is HD (at least that is how I am defining it). Yours was HD.

  34. Jacqueline Fernandez as "Dhanno" in Housefull

  35. Song: "Phoonk De"
    Movie: "No Smoking"

  36. Song: "Ishq Samandar"
    Movie: Kaante

    Does this qualify?! .. She had a very limited role in the movie ..

  37. Song: "It's Rocking"
    Movie: Kya Love Story Hai

    I am quite sure this one passes all 3 rules ..

  38. One of your videos in your playlist got deleted ..

  39. Sorry for so many different comments ..

    Song: O Sikander
    Movie: Corporate

  40. Song: Oh What a Babe
    Movie: Rakht

    That completes my 2 cents :D

  41. Thanks Sumit. Added. Song #50 is yours! :)

    Anurudh: Thanks. Added all except phoonk de, could not find an HD version of it which would play in France :-(.

    Also. the kaal dhamaal worked for me. Please test again and let me know.

    And finally, added Ishq Samandar, given how cool that song is, it merited a slight exception :).

  42. I am surprised nobody mentioned Omkara songs:
    Namak Ishq ka - Omkara

    Saaki : Musafir

    Marjani - Billu Barber

  43. @Nitin: Thanks for the suggestions.

    Sadly, Namak and Saaki both have dancers who had roles in the movies, hence violating Rule #1 :-(.

    Marjani is on the list already. It is the 4th song.


  44. @Anirudh: You were right. Kaal Dhamaal removed. Will find another version and add it.