Monday, July 20, 2015

So Long, and Thanks for all the Fish

As we celebrate our second wedding anniversary, the bittersweet time has come to begin a new chapter. In a few weeks, our Paris adventure will come to an end, and a new one will begin in LA! 

We are excited about what the relocation will bring: an exciting opportunity for Animesh's career, the opportunity to re-jump Anjali's, the next step in building our future, and the chance to spend more time with family. Plus, living in a place with constant sunshine and warm temps will definitely be a welcome change after Paris' frequent wet, cold weather and gray skies!

At the same time, we will sorely miss fresh baguettes, the beauty of the city, traveling across France and Europe, the continuous stream of visitors, and dozens of subtle things about daily life. 


Above all, I will miss the supportive and warm friends I made in Paris, and my brilliant colleagues at Inria, some of whom have been with me for all of the past 7 years! Since my future role will involve travel to India, I hope to plan layovers in Paris and catch up with you all :).

I am thrilled with my new role as head of Kaarma Labs, the (no longer secret) R&D division of Kaarma, and look forward to continuing as an academic, albeit with a more industrial focus. Collaboration will be a key component of my position, and so I am glad that there is scope to continue working with many of you!

Of course, the presence of friends and family in LA where I spent 5 years of my life is a major bonus. :) Not to mention the beach!

This is but an announcement; a longer post should follow shortly on my (soon-to-be revived) blog. :)


Having spent most of my adult life on the East Coast, Southern California seems as much like a foreign country as France! [Albeit an English-speaking one, which will certainly make life easier! ]

Yet, I am certain that adjusting to a place with a gym and kale juice on every corner won't be difficult for me, and I imagine being surrounded by beaches (and new friends) will ease the transition. :)

Finally, a huge thanks to all those who have extended their friendship to me these past two years in Paris; hope to see you soon, whether in the city of light or angels! 


P.S. We enjoyed this comparison of the two cities:

P.P.S. We hope to see everyone at our farewell party!!

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