Sunday, July 31, 2005

Amazing adult[?] video!

The guys at badmash have posted this trailer of their latest video. With a title like "Girls Gone Badmash", I am sure a this will find a lot of takers..

so go on ... see it ... and let me know how you liked it :-).



  1. Nice blog, check out my site it's not what you think

  2. pata nahin kahan se mil hai aapko aisa links....interesting concept...but I don't like it...I guess its just me.

  3. Atul bhai,

    what's up ? trying to improve hit-rate on your blog ? :-)
    the same is true for that badmash site too .. but they've already got that name .. et tu ? ;-)

  4. Anonymous8:01 AM

    seen ur crazy ideas blog recently ?
    nearly the same thoughts creeping up on this blog too .. whats up dude ? disintegration of your grey matter ..?? or just getting on to a part of the world u never knew existed before ..
    all in all ur becoming the times of india abroad (btw thats a shitload of paper) :))